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... I use alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on pimples sometimes. I apply it just to the pimple, not all over my face. It usually helps dry it up very quick. ... (9 replies)
... I tired it and it made my face burn and feel dry... I have hydrogen peroxide but im not sure if i should use it... so.. yea i need a bit of help.. ... (9 replies)
... Get some hydrogen peroxide (very cheap) and soak some on a cotton ball and hold it to the area for 5 minutes. It will sting at first quite a bit and be fairly red, but by morning it should be totally dried up or at least minimized significantly. Leave it on overnight. I did this to a few pimples I had and I noticed right after applying it, that it was smoothed over. I used 70%... (7 replies)

... I would have to say no because it's going to bleach all of your skin, so the dark spots will still be darker than the rest of your face. You might look funny, too if you try to just bleach the scars because you'll be two-toned. (3 replies)
... .. I was wondering if this would be a plausible treatment because it bleaches hair.. why not skin? As far fetched as this may sound, I'm desperate and running low on money, so if anyone has any thoughts, please share! :) (3 replies)
... Oh and I had one more question.....just to bust this rumor I've been hearing around the it TRUE that Hydrogen Peroxide improves your acne-scarring? (4 replies)
... leed if they get rubbed hard.On a side note, one day I was washing my hair and when I got done I saw that a certain spot was bleeding and I decided to pour some Hydrogen Peroxide on it. ... (4 replies)
May 29, 2007
... Since you don't get many, you could try applying a mud mask every night for 15-20 minutes to try and dry those up. Or you might try putting hydrogen peroxide on just the affected areas every day and night (you'll turn red) but a lot of people swear by it. Once the pimple is gone the reddness will disappear. It works in only a few days usually. Watch your diet as well, if... (5 replies)
Rid a zit
Nov 11, 2006
... You can gradually make it smaller by icing it. Get an ice cube, and every night just ice your face and keep it on the effected areas. Lots of people swear by it. I also do this every night. Clay or Mud masks work pretty good to dry it up. I heard many times that pascalite clay works wonders, or also known as bentonite clay. But any clay will do. If you dab just a bit of... (2 replies)
... All right I started a new routine last night. AT NIGHT -Wash with Cetaphil -Apply H2O2 cream over whole face -Apply moisturizer from Aveno or Cetaphil MORNING -Wash with Cetaphil -Apply H2O2 cream over whole face (1 replies)
... Try hydrogen peroxide. Don't use too much though. Its strong stuff that I've used to bleach my hair with years ago. ... (7 replies)
Peroxide for Acne?
Jun 11, 2006
... hey, i was just wondering if hydrogen perioxide on your face for acne. I mean it seems kind of reasonable to me because it prevents infection by like killing bacteria right? ... (6 replies)
... oads of puss. It took me 3 days to pop all the puss out of it. yuck. I also get small pustules on my back area. If I get a bad pimple after popping it I will put hydrogen peroxide on the area to clean it. How can i clean my whole face and back? ... (2 replies)
... You can try eye drops for red eyes, that can temporarily help. Or as a temp fix, to try and get rid of it, you can dab hydrogen peroxide on it. This is not something you can continuosly do as it can cause skin damage, but it does help get rid of them quicker than anything I have tried. ... (5 replies)
... rid of scars. Vitamin C is needed help repair damaged tissue, and I saw some dramatic improvements over just a week of taking 5 grams a day. A light solution of Hydrogen Peroxide has done much good, applying daily to my skin. As well, I have heard MSM products and creams really improve things. ... (1 replies)
... and find either hydrogen peroxide for the wet seasons or apple cider vinegar for both. It kills the bacteria, smells a bit funny, but works like a charm. ... (131 replies)
... im thinking about giving it a try. although, what ive been doing lately is using the aspirin mask at night and then applying hydrogen peroxide to my active pimples. i must say it has definately dried out and healed some of them pretty quickly!! ... (8 replies)
Nov 21, 2005
... I used Hydrogen peroxide on my acne for a year with great results. Unfortunatly, my acne became resistant to it and stopped working. ... (8 replies)
... down proteins in the small intestine and help maximize food absorption. These super strains also help counteract bad germs because they secrete small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and other anti microbial substances. L. acidophilus bacteria communicate in a supportive way with the immune system. ... (429 replies)
What does this do?
Oct 26, 2005
... on. I used a hydrogen peroxide wash and then applied the cleocin. Didn't suffer any adverse effects. ... (6 replies)

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