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... You could try to buy Clindamyacin off the internet. It is relatively cheap and it works for me. Also, if you have insurance, you could go to the derm and get a script for Retina that I also use and it helps. You can also order it online, but it is a little pricey. Better to use your insurance and pay the copay. Also, I used Hydrogen Peroxide (the liquid stuff in the brown... (4 replies)
... Slip Skin Care Tool. Cleanse the area gently and if there is any bleeding, apply some hydrogen peroxide and a bandaid. Milia on the eyelids should be dealt with by your doctor! ... (2 replies)
... definitly use neosporin! You could also use Aloe Vera to calm the area and heal it. Whenever I pop a pimple, I alway cleanse the area with Hydrogen Peroxide and put a huge glop of Aloe on it... ... (2 replies)

... I then disinfect with hydrogen peroxide. ... (21 replies)
... Like hydrogen peroxide? ... (4 replies)
... I haven't been using hydrogen peroxide, I think i will get fine results with just the baking soda and doxycycline. ... (5 replies)
... Hey. It's day 2. My face looks about the same. I think some pimples got a little bit smaller. I forgot to add that after I get out of the shower I put some Hydrogen Peroxide on a cotton ball or rolled up toilet paper and dab it all over my face. I'll post back tommarow. ... (5 replies)
My New Regimen
Jun 20, 2005
... or 7 days then I take 1 a day for the rest of the pills. Also, I let the water hit my face in the shower for a couple minutes. Then after I shower at night I put Hydrogen Peroxide all over my face. I have done this for 1 day. I'll post back on my results in a few days. ... (0 replies)
... Sometimes your skin becomes resistant to BP after years of use. For a while, I used Hydrogen Peroxide alone and was clear for a whole year before I became resistant to it. ANYWAY....apparently, the way around all this confusion is to work from the inside out. ... (0 replies)
... zit etc... use hydrogen peroxide initially to get any infection out and then witch hazel till it heals. If this is a scar or a burn from the oil then tanning it out isn't an option. See your Dr. ... (16 replies)
Mar 31, 2005
... bleeding, put on neosporin or use Hydrogen Peroxide to prevent infection. ... (7 replies)
... When I feel a big one coming on, I put ice on it and take ibuprophen. I follow that with a little tea tree oil or BP, but I usually wipe off the BP after about 20 minutes and then moistuize. Otherwise the whole area gets too dry. It doesn't work miracles, but it also seems to keep them from getting really big and eventually popping. When I get this right, I usually have a... (3 replies)
... does sound crazy, but if it works i say, go on crazy man! *lol* (2 replies)
... No I have never tried that, but I have used it as a cleanser after a cyst or pimple opens up. Doesn't seem like it could hurt you. (2 replies)
... thanks for the replies. I don't want a shot in my face I didn't even know they could do that. One time I cleaned the area with hydrogen peroxide and popped my zit and put more on there and guess what? ... (6 replies)
... Have you tried hydrogen peroxide? ... (7 replies)
Feb 14, 2005
... Neosporin has mineral oil in it which willl will clog pores in most people. Hydrogen peroxide works much better as a spot treatment (not for all over) and will not clog pores but kills the bacteria just as well. (17 replies)
... You can put a little hydrogen peroxide on it to help kill any infection. I would try not to touch it if I were you. ... (5 replies)
... For now, try putting a dab of hydrogen peroxide on your cyst to help it heal faster. ... (6 replies)
... don't EVER put hydrogen peroxide on your face!! I did it once and it burned my skin so bad. I had a crusty red scab for a week. It's not good. ... (9 replies)

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