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Body Acne
Jun 14, 2001
... Okay, try a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (you can get that easily in drug stores) and wipe with a cotton ball morning and at night on clean skin. Wipe not only the affected areas, but the areas that he gets acne easily. When the acne goes under control, then he can go down to one application a day. If its too strong for him, try applying it when his skin is still... (1 replies)
... Not only that, but if you use the store- bought 3% solution, you will surely be doing serious damage, since it contains heavy metals, phenols, and other stuff to preserve it.. It is *NOT* for ingestion.. It says so on the label.. "For topical use only".. --=Infinity (4 replies)
... i can't imagine that would be good for you! I've heard of using it as a type of toner but that's it! (4 replies)

Hydrogen peroxide?
May 17, 2001
... just watch out for your hair (duh) (2 replies)
Hydrogen peroxide?
Apr 26, 2001
... thanks for the info (5 replies)
Hydrogen peroxide?
Apr 26, 2001
... Actually, I think it's okay to use HP for a toner except on the areas where you have an open zit, like hereiam said. It eats away at the edges of your skin where the zit was popped and makes it harder to heal. (5 replies)
Hydrogen peroxide?
Apr 25, 2001
... I wouldn't use HP directly in place of a toner. If anything use it to clean out the pimple after you pop it. (5 replies)
Hydrogen peroxide?
Apr 25, 2001
... I don't like it because it makes my open pimples turn white and they will stay that way for hours - ends up looking like a whitehead.

(5 replies)

Hydrogen peroxide?
Apr 25, 2001
... Ive heard of people applying it all over their face daily with a cotton ball. Not to sure of the results though. (5 replies)
Apr 19, 2001
... Also, once in a while it wouldn't hurt to rinse them in alcohol or even hydrogen peroxide. Also, YES, zinc is great. ... (6 replies)
White heads
Apr 4, 2001
... is a simple rule of thumb with dealing with popping things on your face. Those little white bumps that you have been popping Dame? Don't touch them. If you try popping them at that stage in time the only thing your going to do is iritate the little bugger, which will eventually turn into a big red pimple, trust me, it only leads to more infection, so leave... (4 replies)
Roll Call...
Mar 30, 2001
... 1. Diane 2. 22 3. I've had acne for about 10 years 4. I've tried every OTC known to man and I'd just like to add that all things neutrogena suck. Oh, and to the person that use the neutrogena bar soaps clog pores...all of them so stay away. Prescription wise i've used differin and cleocin. 5. I'm currently using Retin-a micro and benzamycin. I... (11 replies)
... For scars and bumps it prevents it from turning into blemishes. Get a cotton swab and put Hydrogen Peroxide on your smashed pimple scars, won't leave as much of a blemish before you do it often. ... (9 replies)
Ohh my gosh!!!!
Feb 23, 2001
... h times it was still all pink and tender underneath! it seems like its taking quite a long time to go away. about 10 minutes ago i saturated a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and applied it to the thing. IT TURNED IT ALL WHITE! it looks like its bleached! its making me so nervous. ... (15 replies)
... As for the hydrogen might be ok for spot treating, but don't put it on any popped or open pimiples because it will probably burn like hell. ... (9 replies)
... i read that someone said hydrogen peroxide is a good one? ... (9 replies)
... If all your zits come to a head then you don't have cystic acne. Since you are still "popping" your zits (as I do when I get a white head) here is some info that I found the other day: When you "pop" them try not to squeeze too hard and only squeeze till you see the pus or white junk come out...if you keep squeezing till blood comes out, you are almost certain to leave a... (11 replies)
Dove soap
Feb 4, 2001
... After I cleanse my face I use Hydrogen Peroxide with a cotton ball as a toner. I think this step has alot to do with the faster healing process! ... (27 replies)
... Yes, everyone has tried the infamous BP, haven't they? Unfortunatly, on whiteheads, it does nothing for me. And the little spots have already filled back up... oh well. Caleb (3 replies)
... i have never tried hydrogen peroxide as toner or for anything else but i did read somewhere that you should not put it on pimples that you squeezed or where the skin is broken as it will burn so be careful if you are using it i think witch hazel is a good toner as its gentle (6 replies)

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