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... I have been doing a lot of research about hormonal acne and think I may have it. ... (42 replies)
... I am 20, soon to be 21, and female. I have had acne since about the ago of 14 and over the years I have noticed it getting worse. ... (16 replies)
... nd have never given up on finding an answer to my "hormonal" acne. She does NOT have to accept it. Furthermore, if you both believe that her irregular cycles and acne are connected then most definately she needs to see a doctor. ... (19 replies)

... enzymes that show up in certain hormonal disorders that DO have acne as a symptom. That's pretty frustrating or disappointing to someone that is sure that they have problem. ... (8 replies)
... clear...I have the most severe kind of acne and I really don't think that any amount of diet change is going to help in my case. ... (27 replies)
... As was mentioned earlier, Insulin Resistance is what causes the temporary hormonal imbalance, and as such, it's a neccessary occurance during puberty in order to further grow and develop secondary sex characteritics. ... (187 replies)
... Considering that your father still has acne, did either of you ever get checked for a hormonal imbalance? ... (27 replies)
... I am 20, soon to be 21, and female. I have had acne since about the ago of 14 and over the years I have noticed it getting worse. ... (5 replies)
... You've also heard that carbohydrates can cause of host of diseases and hormonal disorders, right? ... (21 replies)
... Yet even normal individuals can alter their hormones by changing their diets, so this isn't exclusive to only those with health problems or hormonal disorders. ... (30 replies)
... Anyway, You sound sorta like me. I'm caught in the middle of my parent's hormonal issues. Diabetes is considered an Autoimmune disease and that runs on my dad's side of the family. ... (16 replies)
... sn't produce enough of the hormone that regulates your metabolism. So I have a slow metabolism and I take one pill every day that makes it normal. This can cause acne if not taken care of. Any hormonal problems can cause acne. There are symptoms to know if you have it but write back if you are interested in hearing them. ... (1 replies)
... Being overwieght is usually the symptom for most of these. Whereas most people here tend to be the anamolies by being underwieght and bearing mainly acne as their symptom. ... (93 replies)
... because I had many of the symptoms, such as fatigue, depression, dry skin, dry hair, etc. Anyway, once I started treatment with thyroid meds, most of my cystic acne disappeared. It didn't do much for my whiteheads, though. But I have since discovered glycolic acid which seems to keep the whiteheads under control. ... (15 replies)
Nov 17, 2008
... I'm 40 and I had a sudden cystic breakout just before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Ask your GP or GYN to test for hormonal trouble. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Annie, I have also heard of tests being innacurate! Did you go to an endocrinologist? I would go to one to discuss your symptoms- they know the most about thyroid disorders and are extra careful to look for other abnormalities that may not show up on the blood work. For example, I am getting an ukltra sound done on my thyroid and the endo did other tests- eyes, reflexes,... (10 replies)
... Hi 20withacne, I think I have hormonal acne as well. I went to get blood work done for a thyroid disorder but it came back normal. ... (10 replies)
... hibit DHT conversion in the sebaceous follicles, decrease sebum production, and slow skin cell shedding, etc. Therefore, it does still work positively along the hormonal aspect of the Insulin Resistance pathway. ... (9 replies)
... Therefore the PATHWAY to this next part, is different for all of us depending on what our defect, or in other words, hormonal disorder is. ... (24 replies)
... Now I'm only stating this one because I want to explain what some of you may be experiencing. Like you mentioned it can be from certian hormonal disorders, diseases, and other endocrinological problems and diet can worsen it!!! ... (40 replies)

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