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Low Dose Accutane
Feb 17, 2009
... last night. I am now getting acne on my chin and nose. I suspect the cessation of Doxycycline has allowed the bacterial populations to come back. Since Accutane is not an antibiotic I am bound to catch a few. They hurt...... ... (250 replies)
... I didn't take spiro and accutane at the same time. I don't think that's "allowed." Spiro was my last option before accutane. I'd tried everything else. Spiro is a high blood pressure drug that decreases testosterone, which helps women with the amount of oil their body produces. ... (34 replies)
... Sorry if this topic has been posted before, but I wanted to know exactly what accutane is and how it works? ... (2 replies)

... desertgirl, did you take the spiro and accutane at the same time? ... (34 replies)
... Oral antibiotics never last, eventually you grow resistant strains. Spiro is not an antibiotic, it is for high blood pressure and water retention. ... (6 replies)
... Everyone reacts differently to different medications so it is hard to say how you would react to each of those meds. As for being shy about talking to the doc............... ... (34 replies)
... Now you mentioned that accutane cleared you, of course it did. ... (100 replies)
... baed antibiotic in the future for an infection, it won't be as effective. i was also prescribed minocycline for my acne, but i had a side effect of severe vertigo... ... (21 replies)
... thanks for the reply. again, woke up w/ more cysts :( . is this anti-biotic a safe combo w/ accutane? does it really help the flare ups? and what kind of anti biotic was it? please write bak ASAP!! THANK U!! (14 replies)
... Most people have an initial breakout from accutane, but yours sounds pretty bad. I just finished up a 6 mo. course of accutane. I was on 60mg. ... (14 replies)
... Back in 97 my dermatologist put me on Accutane for my acne. I had already been on Minocycline, Tetracycline, benzol peroxide, solugel cream, etc. etc. etc. Nothing was working. ... (3 replies)
... Well, since accutane is the Last resort for alot of dermatologists, it is sometimes hard to get them to prescribe it. ... (3 replies)
... Could someone, who has already been on Accutane or has done a lot of research regarding the drug, please tell me whether it has the same negative affect as antibiotic usage on the body's intestinal flora? ... (3 replies)
... My doctor said that he agrees that accutane is the only thing that will clear my skin since I am so obviously resistant to antibiotics. ... (16 replies)
... along with it for a bit. Any body else take an antibiotic. ? ... (0 replies)
... out, and my skin cleared very quickly, and very nearly completely. Having said that, I would not recommend that you request accutane unless you have been suffering for an extended time and have found alternative approaches unavailing. ... (6 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 19, 2009
... I am not sure who is following this diatribe, but it is getting a bit thin on content. I will start posting weekly. ... (250 replies)
... I know already i am going to get a lot of hype for writing this, but let me state first that this is my story on Accutane, not everybodys. ... (5 replies)
... and I hate it. I never tried accutane because the side effects scare me. ... (8 replies)
... s I had was dryness, dry skin,lips,nose, female parts and towards the end dry eyes. I have also been extremely tired for some time but it actually started before Accutane when I was taking an antibiotic so I'm not really sure how much Accutane had to do with it. ... (17 replies)

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