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... t of a steroid in your skin to kill the bacteria and fight it. The only reason it's not sold over the counter is because of the needle that is used. People use cortisone creams all the time...are you telling me they are in danger too? ... (37 replies)
... I got a derm appointment again next week and last time I went she gave me cortisone shots. They work absolute wonders. Nothign is better then stopping a pimple before it comes to the surface. ... (37 replies)
... Well my appointment was today and I got something! I went in the little room and started to pour the cortisone in my film canister. I was pumped and got it easily in time before she came in. I had a very dissapointing appointment. ... (37 replies)

... dont you think she will get a clue as to where the cortisone on the counter went to? ... (37 replies)
... sure its a pimple. Im thinking about going to the derm and getting cortisone shot but i never been to derm and was wondering if my insurance would cover. ... (7 replies)
... I think what will be funny is when you're pouring the cortisone out of the jug and into your vial and the doctor walks in and catches you. Please keep us updated. ... (37 replies)
... lol of course it's funny.. whatever you do never let the acne kill your sense of humour :bouncing: (37 replies)
... Imagine going to the hospital with a numb face... "I was injecting myself with stolen cortisone fluid! ... (37 replies)
... \ Thanks for your concern but your acting like I'm about to do some crazy Evil Knevil stunt lol. It really isn't a big deal and I'm not stupid, I'll test it once and if I do it wrong I won't ever do it again. I won't be like, "Well that made my face swell up like a black widow bite.... better add more more cortisone!" I just hope I don't get caught lol... imagine I did... (37 replies)
... I once thought about taking cortisone from my derm but I never did. When you're that desperate to get rid of painful cysts, anything seems like a good idea. ... (37 replies)
... i for one have never been to a derm or had a cortisone shot for that matter, but i doubt the side effects from it would be worse the side effects of having a huge pimple.... ... (37 replies)
... doesn't cortisone thin out your skin if used too much? ... (37 replies)
... I think Cortisone shots are for special occassions like parties, weddings, picture days, etc. or people who really have no option, but to do this due to pain. ... (37 replies)
... t sell them over the counter. Also, cortisone is a very strong steroid, and I know your not supposed to be exposed to too much of it. ... (37 replies)
... I'm working on it. There's a lot out there that contain triamcinolone, but they're mostly creams or gels. I'm looking for the stock solution, which would be liquid. THe search continues... (2 replies)
... Never have. I used to try squeezing them and only blood or clear liquid would come out. That would be a recipe for disaster. ... (5 replies)
... Stop using all skin creams, topical steroids, cortisone cream, cleansers, toners, serums, scrubs, lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick, sunscreen, toothpaste, gum, mints and makeup. ... (1 replies)
... Good cure for shrinking them down quickly...besides cortisone shots... ... (3 replies)
... You should try going to another dermatologist to get Accutane. Especially if you have cysts, it won’t be any problem. (37 replies)
... lol... I totally forgot about menopause. My mom just went through that and it seems terrible. All the hot flashes and night sweats. Not to mention the mood swings... just another thing for girls and women to look forward to! (37 replies)

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