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to dshel.
Jun 12, 2003
... due to the accutane fiasco. ... (28 replies)
... began to fade within weeks of treatment...loadful amt of pimples stopped sprouting out from my face...4 a couple of months i was on antibiotics..and now i m on accutane ..which is a very light dousage...i had discussed its side effects..and he said that accutane is effective when taken in light.. ... (2 replies)
Feb 20, 2004
... well i think im about to not order the stuff because of the blood test. How long was it, and how much they take? (2 replies)

Feb 20, 2004
... i just started accutane myself.. ... (2 replies)
My Story
Jan 25, 2004
... ime she prescribed the stuff I am currently using, a stronger stievamycin gel along with Minocycline. I've been using that for approx. 4 monthes now. It has been more effective than the other stuff I've tried, but the hard bumps under my skin are still there, and aren't showing any signs of going away. ... (10 replies)
... That is a very GOOD question. In fact, proscar isn't used because it is more effective for males than females and more specifically at preventing hairloss. ... (24 replies)
... Of course, most doctors would like for you to just take medication or supplements, because it means more money for them and the drug industry. Problem is, sometimes these have serious side effects, and sometimes it's just NOT ENOUGH! ... (43 replies)
... You could make it even more effective by adding in a Benzoyl Peroxide face wash.Differin is the only retinoid that can be used with benzoyl peroxide. ... (4 replies)
... I'm hoping that because she took accutane that the topical treatments will be more effective now. Her breakouts are fewer now but her skin texture is more irregular now. We'll see how it goes this time. ... (23 replies)
Soothbeam Diary
Oct 20, 2004
... my procedure is i go in, have a medicine called levulan put on my face for 50 minutes then sit under the blue light for 20 minutes. the levulan is suppose to make the treatment much stronger in that it helps the light penetrate deeper. i am suppose to have 3 treatments..3 weeks apart from each other. ... (34 replies)
... write down the questions you want him to answer before you go. Make sure he explains everything about your condition and how the drug he gives you will tackle it. ... (13 replies)
... cs and posts of all the boards I saw listed here at I think that says something about how many people are affected and how acne can be so much more than "just a few pimples". I apologize in advance for what will likely be a very long post, but I hope some of you can make it through. ... (41 replies)
... aid solution in my view. In the long run it will most probably make things worse, but can hold acne off for a while. ... (41 replies)
Jan 8, 2004
... you want to try something new sooner rather than later then there's always vitamin B5. I hadn't heard about it until I came here, but many people claim it is as effective as accutane. I have been using it for about six weeks and it has made a difference to my skin. It works by metabolising the excess lipids in your body. ... (30 replies)
... omfortable on the pill, which acts like spiro in that it tamper testosterone, which is the culprit for most of us, either we have too much or our bodies are just more sensitive to the amount we have. I'm copying this from another post i just made and all i can say is it worked for me. ... (8 replies)
Adult Acne
Dec 29, 2004
... h acne I don't even pay any attention to it. Yea I notice it's there but I could really care less. Personality is truly what prevails. Maybe I just sympathize more because I had acne so I know how it's not their fault etc, etc. But I do know that I don't even pay attention to other people's acne anymore. ... (73 replies)
... eatment on the markey, antibiotics, and 3 different fasting diets.. that this is the only option left. I HIGHLY reccommend that u look into this. People say that accutane causes depression, but the only times i got depressed were when i looked in the mirror. Today, I am clear as a bell. ... (24 replies)
... i think im goin to take just 40mgs i figure i was using dorxy at 50mgs the first month and it helped me now im takin accutane 40mgs which is so much more stronger so it should be effective i know my body better then the derms so im takin 40mgs. My lips been chapped the last 2 days and my face is very dry. ... (6 replies)
... out doing what it's supposed to. make sense? ... (96 replies)
... but the acne didnt really start until I tried the one product, I'd never recommend...Benzaclin. It completely ruined my face and I was finally put on Accutane. Accutane worked for the time I was on it, but then several months later the acne came back, but worse. ... (9 replies)

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