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... i have finally gotten my makeup to look great. ... (10 replies)
... re that will hide red marks really well and give me an even skin tone. my main concern is getting rid of the red areas all over my face. so is there any specific makeup thats really good for redness. ok and the most important factor. ... (15 replies)
Mineral Makeup
May 21, 2006
... at's actually good for your skin.. as in, wearing it isn't going to miraculously cure all of our skin problems simply because most of our issues aren't just from makeup alone. It goes deeper than that. ... (26 replies)

... This Affirm makeup is great! I got my free samples off of the website, and I am sooo excited. I work with the public, and I have to put in some long days. ... (10 replies)
Makeup and acne
Jul 20, 2007
... ing that age that i began wearing makeup, i was totally clear for many many years wearing makeup. Now i've been cursed again with acne and at this point wearing makeup is the only way i go out. I've tried mineral makeup, normal foundation, even a foundation with salicylic acid in it to help clear up your skin. ... (4 replies)
Makeup and acne
Jul 20, 2007
... well if the product contains oil in it, then yes it will clog your pores. (4 replies)
Makeup and acne
Jul 19, 2007
... This morning my bf said to me, "maybe its your makeup thats clogging your pores and making you break out." Yes i wear makeup everyday, but i wash my face at night. Ive worn different types of makeup but havent paid attention to what my face looks like while using them. ... (4 replies)
Mineral Makeup
May 19, 2006
... nd have been using it for the last few days. Pretty much my acne is cleared up from my diet changes, its just the scars that are really bothersome, so I wanted a makeup I could wear everyday without irritating my skin and so far so good! ... (26 replies)
... I am confused about what makeup to use for acne prone skin. I am mainly concerned about obtaining a concealer to hide the acne. I am considering using Almay. ... (10 replies)
... I myself don't wear makeup most of the time. There was actually an entire semester that I went without it actually. I didn't see any improvement in my skin though. ... (19 replies)
... r us ladies to be natural anyway. Just take little baby steps to no makeup at all you'll be doing your skin a big favor I speak from experience, there is no such makeup that will make your skin perfect, otherwise all those cosmetic companies would be out of business. ... (19 replies)
Makeup removal
Jun 16, 2003
... was at the clinique counter today. got some cool things from there acne solutions line. but anyway, i was wondering at night when we wash our faces after having makeup on all day, are we really getting the makeup off with what we are washing with. I wash with proactiv solution, the BP 2.5 wash. ... (4 replies)
Apr 15, 2003
... t 4 spots on my face that are the most discolered. I think i do this becasue i like seeing exactly how I am and if my skin is clear it really is becaue i have no makeup on, but maybe thats just me... ... (10 replies)
... Lately on television I've been noticing that under all the makeup on some reality shows like Dismissed, Sorority Life on mtv that these girls have all kinds of problem skin under that makeup. I saw bumps and everything. ... (2 replies)
... I just bought some Loreal Mineral Makeup about 3 weeks ago and the color is great, it looks fantastic, and it feels good. Suddenly, though I am breaking out BAD. Worse than I did when I was a teenager. ... (1 replies)
... I'm not concerned with daily makeup wear, I prefer to just cover up my embaressing breakouts which usually consist of large, sore cysts on my chin, cheeks or nose. ... (3 replies)
Mineral Makeup
May 23, 2006
... This is the only kind of mineral makeup ive used, so I cant compare, but it really covers all the redness and acne much better than regular liquid makeup. ... (26 replies)
... I have always worn makeup when working out even before I had acne. A lot of it too! haha. I think it really doesn't matter that much for me anyway. ... (2 replies)
... since i could still see some under the makeup. so just out of curiosity, do you guys wear makeup when going to the derm? ... (3 replies)
... When I used to go tanning I'd spot treat any pimples very lightly w/ the Neutrogena Blemish Wand ... that never irritated or discolored my skin. It actually helped tan the surrounding skin w/out making the pimples any redder. If you can go w/out any make up at all then do that. (3 replies)

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