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... So is the only problem with smoking marijuana and taking accutane at the same time is that they are both "depressants? ... (14 replies)
... That would be the common sense thing to do, and I will try and do it. Stopping Drugs and alcohol will be hard, but overall health is more important. My friends gimme a wierd look if it say no I don't want a beer, or any marijuana. I don't really feel like telling everyone I am on Accutane. (14 replies)
... I'm not sure about how the 3 interact, but I do know that marijuana use and alcohol consumption can actually contribute to more acne. Is it really worth it? ... (14 replies)

... Weed causes acne it more ways than one. It effects estrogen levels, and the central nervous system... Weed is a weird "catch-22". It can stabalize your temporal lobes which will keep you in a "constant" non-flucuating mood; however, at the same time it effects cells within the limbic system which will flucuate your mood, and ultimately causes depression... Everyone who... (8 replies)
... I was a pothead for years - I smoked a lot! I totally quit for 6 months because I thought it was causing skin problems. My skin was noticeably better. Some people are actually allergic to THC. I think my reaction stems from the molds that are in pot. One thing you could do to see if you are allergic is rub it on the sensitive skin on your arm. If you get a rash you have... (8 replies)
... the person said weed can contribute to an increase of acne. meaning that you ALREADY have acne. yes, the people who are smoking the weed, probably do not have acne, so there is nothing to make worse. but i bet that a majority of people who have acne can say that weed really irritates acne. (8 replies)
... same here weed causes acne big time for me (8 replies)
... I've read many times that weed can actually cause acne!!! I don't care what anyone says. I know from experience. I used to do it, but now I've been clean for a long time. And might I say I'm PROUD OF IT! When I was doing it I had severe acne. And I know it was from the weed. Now I just have mild acne probably just from stress, but it was much much worse when I was smoking... (8 replies)
... Smoking weed can aggrevate (spelling???) your acne really bad. If you want to clear up your skin your only choice would be to stop smoking weed. If you don't you'll probably always have acne, and it won't get better. (8 replies)
... im on the roaccutane, oral antibiotic, topical anbtiotic, oral steroids and just had my first steroid injection today! my skin was a f*cking mess, and the derm told me its very rare for skin to go as bad or weird as mine did but thank god after a few months of hell its beginning to look fairly normal again without much scarring! theres some world leading specialist which shes... (9 replies)
... im not worried about my blood levels or whatever with drinking on roaccutane more just worried it'll stop it working? will it?????? i cant drink whatever at the moment anyway cos im on so many different drugs i'd collapse after a pint! im on 20mg a day and your on like 7 times as much as me? what the f*ck! (9 replies)
... roaccutane doens't make you depressed its being surrounded by a load of drunks whenver i go out! damn it i used to be one of those drunks! cannabis is ok on roaccutane cos it doens't have any direct effect on your blood like aclohol does (e.g. raising your triglyceride levels) (9 replies)
... You shouldn't drink alcohol on tane because they are both bad for your liver and doing them together is obviously worse than either of them alone. (4 replies)

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