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... Valka, I know how you feel. I got married 6 months ago and after having acne for 10 years all I wanted was for it to be gone for one day. I was so worried, but on that day my skin looked the best ever. ... (17 replies)
... Hi, I started getting pimples when I was like 15, I assumed it was just puberty and I had to deal with it. By the time I was 25 I realized that maybe puberty wasn't the cause. I had tried everything ice water face washing, all the OTC meds even toothpaste then suddenly when I was 26 I accidentally figured it out. Peanuts. or more specifically any tyoe of nuts. If I eat any... (17 replies)
... :wave: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH MY FRIENDS..... Antibiotics are not very good for me....i get very sick (stomack) from most of them.... i am using a glycolic toner and calicylic wash, i ordered pro-active (again), i know that it will give me a temp relief right when i need it.... diet....well let's just say that i am a healthy eater and if i will change my diet i could... (17 replies)

... hi, I've noticed that no one has mentioned b5 so far. This is probably because it is supossed to take a while to work. But maybe you should give it a shot. I actually just started taking pantethine about a week ago and i haven't gotten any new breakouts since the first day. Pantethine is a form of b5 which is more closely related to coenzyme A (a deficiency in this causes... (17 replies)
... You have to go see a dermatologist ASAP and insist on medication. That is the ony thing that will cure acne. About a year ago I suddenly starting getting acne. I spent the next 9 months trying; tee tree oil, low carb diet, alpha hydroxy acid, alcohol, murad, clinique, neutragina before I realize that NONE OF IT was working. I gave the dermatologist a list of things i'd... (17 replies)
... Maybe you should try a 3 step approach to clearing your acne Wash with a 2% salicylic wash, than 8% glycolic lotion massage them in really well then rinse.Last use a bp lotion.This may sound funny, make sure the bp lotion has been in the fridge..Take an ice cube run it across the affected area,get it good and cold..Take the ice cube and rub it in the palm of your hand.Take... (17 replies)
... Valka: You are already on birthcontrol, and have already tried microdermabrasion and haven't had any luck. That was the exact combination that got me clear for my wedding. Sorry it hasn't worked for you. I know your frustration, and you only have a few weeks, so you don't want to try new topicals now and risk being red or getting the initial breakout right when your... (17 replies)
... Vortex773310...i think there are a ton of misconceptions in what you are saying. you obviously have teenage acne....and my guess would be that you just grew out of it in the past few months. because now you can lift weights and eat junk and it will have no effect on your skin. what did you change? you said you took b5...but you stopped it. you said you tried the... (17 replies)
... Quick fix. Get antibiotics. I was on them a few months before and I was so clear, I wore a strappy wedding dress (I have it on my body as well). I think I have developed a yeast overgrowth since then (because of the antibiotics). I just have to change my diet until the good bacteria can get to where it used to be. It was worth it, though. Sure, people will say it's just... (17 replies)
... it's good to be of service, don't worry acne at your age is particuarly uncommon, it will clear up alot faster and easier than it would if it were teenage acne ;) (17 replies)
... ;) THANK YOU SO MUCH..... everybody....let me tell you it really feels great to know that i am not alone..... yes, i am on a birth control for the past month and as my doctor told me i need to take it for at least 3 month before i will see any visible results as it takes a couple of cycles for the body to get used to it. As for the diet, i know... i is true it... (17 replies)
... it is clear you have all been brainwashed into thinking that diet is the cause of all acne..prometheus's fault no frail and unsupportive this board has become'Follow this super diet and ul be cleaR!' Wrong, different people have different food intolerances, some people have high tolerance to foods, and still have acne, i found cutting out high carbs, dairy, etc,... (17 replies)
... Valka, Did you say that your skin started to break out badly when you moved from Israel to Canada? If that is the case, how much has your diet changed from your previous lifestyle to the one you have now? (If not, sorry I misunderstood you). (17 replies)
... You have the rest of your life to fix your acne. I'd say go with the quick fix for your wedding to be 100% sure that you will have a clear face and use antibiotics. Diet doesn't work for everybody- it didn't work for me anyway. (17 replies)
... Don't go for a quick "fix", the topicals and pills will only help a little, if at all. Go for the solution to the problem. Diet. There are tons of threads here you can research to get an idea. Grains and sugar cause the problem. Not the acne neccesarily, but something (insulin) to go haywire in your body which in turn causes acne... Read the book "The Carbohydrate... (17 replies)
... I think it would be a good idea to use antibiotics to clear your face. I got Bactrim from my doctor because I had a bladder infection and it really cleared my face. Test it out a month or two before your wedding to make sure your not allergic to it. You only need to take it for about 5 days and then your face should be clear for a good week or two. If you like the results,... (17 replies)
... Antibiotics tend to work for a few months for me. The acne comes back really bad when it stops working, but I'm relatively clear on it for a little while. I would suggest that you try that, just to get you through the wedding. Also remember that most acne treatments are unpredictable and strting or stopping a treatment a few months before your wedding could be a disaster.... (17 replies)
... One of the few most important days is coming up......and i have tried everything for the past 6 all began when i moved to Canada from Israel. I got a few zits.....and now BOOM i am blooming..... For the past 3 months i spent LOTS of money on Microdermation.....Glycolic peels.....alot of topical creams (very expensive) in order not to clog my pores... (17 replies)
... I would feel so betrayed if someone married me, and I later discovered the truth. Plus, you could meet someone else later and have the greatest attraction to each other. Then what? ... (19 replies)
... Hi. I am female, 40 years old. I started getting moderate acne in my mid 30's. I've pretty much gotten it under control with topicals in the past year or so. ... (34 replies)

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