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... I believe that masterbation is good. ... (23 replies)
... LOL...i always get a kick out of post like these! If masterbation were a cause of acne I would think that people would have a lot more acne than they do already...Seeing as we acne sufferers seem to stay home a know, it's only natural. ... (4 replies)
... im sorry, im just annoyed, at not being able to eat anything 'Nice', except from apples, basicly, my skin has improoved drasticly i dont know if this is because of your diet, no masterbation, or the multivitamin, and B5 i take..but i think all of this combined = extremely clear skin, i also use topicals, but i mean this diet thing i can follow for a long time, but i mean we... (73 replies)

... It may not cause acne for you, but it does for me, also if you search this forum, you'll find a lot of posts concerning acne and sexual activities. ... (34 replies)
... I also have the same problem, i believe the problem lies with testosterone. Some of us produce more testosterone(DHT conversion) during sexual activity which in turn produces more oil(sebum). Personally I use B5 to control my acne, I take a maintenance dose of 2-3*1000mg daily, and on days when I have sex i increase the dosage to double the regular. So far I have been fairly... (8 replies)
... "reading is your best friend" Read the post, and you wouldnt even make this response. I said have sex, but dont masterbate, to keep things down. mvp81 - The B5 is a good idea, ill definitly try it, and on days I have sex, double them. (8 replies)
... wow wow wow.. you are not making any sense up there... you Won't be able to have sex if you have acne... so here is your choice. you wanna jack off and not have sex or you hold your right hand's anger and have a Real sex? (8 replies)
... Say what you want, since I have again become more sexually active, my acne has worsend. I dont care much, but its the truth. What do you think on this topic? ... (8 replies)
... whackne! :jester: (15 replies)
... The only thing I can think of is that if you go on the computer too much, you probably aren't get much physical activity, exercise, fresh air, or sunlight. Or maybe while you're on the computer, you look at porn and masterbate a lot. I know many argue that there is no correlation, but I find that there is. no joke. Possible explanation: masterbation increase testosterone,... (15 replies)
... Hello everyone. I was a sufferer of ACNE for 4 years. But now i have cleared up, and i want to share my secret as I know how bad you all feel. ... (6 replies)
... Alright people!! I went to the derm this morning and asked her if masterbation had anything to do with acne! You know what, she LAUGHED!!!!! And so did I. ... (12 replies)
... mineral supplement..should counter the effects of masterbation on your skin.. ... (34 replies)
... how do i get rid of acne ...? ... (4 replies)
... masterbation, sex, wet dreams, all cause break outs for me.... i.e cause by hormones. thats why allot of people start to have acne when they reach puberty. ... (11 replies)
... Theres probably not much if any difference between actual sex and masturbation. I personally think actual sex creates more arousal/excitement and in turn your body produces more hormones/testosterone. But thats just my opinion, i would like to hear if someone knows the actual answer. (8 replies)
... Ok, what would be the difference between masturbation and sex in terms of testosterone levels? (8 replies)
... Haha true, well have sex with the opposite sex, which is maybe once a week, or even fewer times. But dont masterbate, it will cut down things nicely. (8 replies)
... Who cares if you have clear skin if you can't have sex. I mean, think about it - why do we want clear skin so bad? Mostly so that we will be attracted to the oppositie sex for - well, sex (including love, money and power). It's pretty much what drives human nature and our civilizations, creates extinctions and mutations, etc. Your pretty much defeating the purpose if your... (8 replies)
... cant say that is true for me....i do it at least once a day and nothing happens (8 replies)

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