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... i am 28 and I have acne been having acne on and off for 10 years. I totally agree with the fact that there is a link between acne, masturbation and constipation. For the past 10 years invariable whenever I masturbated i would get acne but if I stopped then my face would be clear. ... (23 replies)
... I think there's a possibility that masturbation causes acne. But what about when you have sex your gonna ejaculate right, so really isn't this the same thing ? ... (73 replies)
... es it 2 times a week would have any less than someone who does it 2 times a day. However, I really think we should keep this quiet. I really don't want people to link masturbation with acne. Because eventually that will be the "cause" of acne in some of those stupid peoples mind. ... (23 replies)

... when you "Jack off" your blood pressure rises and you start sweating. Acne is caused by bacteria and when you sweat even a little, the sweat "feeds' the acne bacteria, causing zit flare ups... If I were you, I would try to find a good skin wash and acne treatment. ... (73 replies)
... Thank you, that was very reassuring and heart warming. I've one huge problem right now, and that is that I'm a wrestler. ... (73 replies)
... I know your pain too well, for me any sexual activity results in increased oil and acne. ... (73 replies)
... No I don't need to appreciate it, Jhart. The person who needs to appreciate any sacrifices believed to be made is the person making them and if they are made for another person, that person should appreciate it, yes. ... (73 replies)
... hello guys please Don't Tell Me There is no links between masturbation or ejaculation and acne,i said that acne is not caused by masturbation but masturbation make it worse and i experience this. ... (1 replies)
Sex and skin care
Apr 11, 2003
... drive, and it's well known that hormones are linked to both libido AND acne. ... (10 replies)
... is not linked with acne at all and never will be that's the end of the story, period, stop, no, stop talking, etc. ... (73 replies)
... old male. My acne started in 7th grade, and I started to get cysts and pustules right off the bat. Not a lot, but nevertheless. Around 3 or so years ago, I started masturbating. ... (41 replies)
... That is a good question, I am sure that is a link somehow. ... (73 replies)
... yes there is a connection. I don't think sex or masturbation GIVES people acne, but it could worsen acne or any illness. Of course, anything seemingly sexually restrictive or not permissive or accepting is tabboo over here. ... (73 replies)
... They say it is not the masturbation itself that causes acne,but the hormones driving you to masturbate in the first place.Perhaps you should have your testosterone levels tested. ... (5 replies)
... I took biology and there is definitely a link between testosterone and acne. Thus increasing 1 increases the other. Thats why people who take steroids usually get acne from it! ... (34 replies)
... AND STOP MEDICATIONS. YOU WILL CLEAR. PERIOD. Thats how god told us to treat our bodies. I was a sufferer of SEVERE acne for 4 years, till i followed this LOGICAL PLAN. IN 2 WEEKS i started improving, in a clear. All im waiting for are the old blemishes to fade out. ... (73 replies)
... I experience it every day I live and breathe. ... (1 replies)
... i dont wanna sound silly or anything but, im one of those people who think masturbation effects my acne.. ... (4 replies)
... EXACTLY! Thanx everyone who replied. I'm glad people agree with me. Masturbation and acne are definately linked, maybe not for EVERYONE, but for ME it sure as hell is, which isnt fair if you ask me... but thats life. ... (8 replies)
... personally, i used to think there was a link. but i cant say i think that anymore. i have changed my diet and i am clearing alot. i still do masturbate often and it doesnt seem to affect my face. ... (33 replies)

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