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... I had massive breakouts that left a lot of scars on my face and an uneven skin tone on my cheeks. I still get about 5 new pimples every week, but it's slowly getting better. ... (5 replies)
Dec 24, 2004
... I know there are many of you that believe Masturbation has no effect on acne. but I'm very sure it has an effect on me. it just may on you. ... (19 replies)
Dec 26, 2004
... t because you havent ejaculated in a week or month. Thats probably a big case of coincidence. And Even though you might be acne prone, there are ways to stop the breakouts from happening by learning what your triggers are. ... (19 replies)

Dec 26, 2004
... thank you. anyways, it's not about pushing old victorian values and myths. it's about what i have seem to discovered with myself. the peroid where there was no ejaculation (masturbation or sex) is when i had very few breakouts. durring this time i also have done other things that others would think causes acne. i was greatly depressed so i encounterd more stress than ever... (19 replies)
... Not masturbating would decrease testosterone's flow in your blood, I don't really think testosterone is my main problem, as I do get turned on a lot, and getting turned on means an increase of testosterone in the blood, it's just when I ejaculate -- something goes wrong when I ejaculate. if I do it once/twice every two weeks, I don't get any major breakouts, just redness,... (34 replies)
... im sorry, im just annoyed, at not being able to eat anything 'Nice', except from apples, basicly, my skin has improoved drasticly i dont know if this is because of your diet, no masterbation, or the multivitamin, and B5 i take..but i think all of this combined = extremely clear skin, i also use topicals, but i mean this diet thing i can follow for a long time, but i mean we... (73 replies)
... It is not at all a vegan diet. Vegan diets abstain from meat an animal products. That is all a vegan diet is. It is not a simplified vegan diet. If anything it is more complicated. I'm not telling -you- what you personally or individually can or can't eat. I'm just giving you information. These are the foods that cause acne. In your case it may be only one or two or all of... (73 replies)
... I completely disagree. Masturbating causing me new breakouts when I do it regularly,(daily). It has to be a hormonal connection (I'm 21). Maybe its not the case for everyone. (9 replies)
... I think yeah and no. In my case sometimes it does affect my acne, but this might phsycological. But on the other hand i think that it may not be related because seriously how many men do actually masturbate and they dont have acne or breakouts.... (9 replies)
... y acnes problems, i have never ever drank what you people call "soda pop" or "choclate" or "pizza" i hear people say thaT ARE things that cause or help flare up breakouts and what not. but i got one simple wuestion for those who are mature enough to respond to this, two things... ... (13 replies)
... to be honest I think I have been doing it daily for over 10 years and I had periods where it was bad, and a few years their where I had NO new breakouts period without drug interactions. ... (6 replies)
... ysts and pustules right off the bat. Not a lot, but nevertheless. Around 3 or so years ago, I started masturbating. At first I made no connection between my acne breakouts and masturbation, and I'm not even sure if there was a connection... back then. ... (41 replies)
... but this does not point the finger at masturbation and relate it to the cause of breaking out. ... (41 replies)
... facts regarding acne from textbooks or medical journals, and they usually take things in a generalised view. Unfortunately, due to some people's hormone levels, masturbation encourges the production of DHT, which in turn might mean break outs for them. ... (12 replies)
... r thought about it back then. But as i started doing researh back when i was 17 and tried everything available to human beings, i can say that in fact in my case masturbation causes my break outs, or at least is one of the causes, also the more frequent the masturbation, the worst the breakouts. ... (32 replies)
... I am not blaming things on my acne, I understand that during your teenage period you get a lot of breakouts, all I did was control those breakouts, it may not be the same for others but for me MASTURBATION = break outs, I can even feel my face starting to burn as soon as I am done masturbating. (5 replies)
... r hormone levels...for some, the surge in hormones may help to clear existing acne and for others it may actually promote hormonal breakouts...just as with diet, masturbation affects different people differently. ... (12 replies)
... cs!!! Wow if that were only true...clear skin versus acne and pleasuring oneself...if that were the case, I guess all of us with acne would stop masturbating. If masturbation causes acne, can you imagine what actual sex would do? ... (8 replies)
... now. but the worse part of all this is, the gunk inside your body that comes out as acne will still be there!!! and it will be building up all that time. so your breakouts will be even worse. this is not a scientific theory i know but it makes sense since ppl who go on antibiotics find that their acne comes back more severe. ... (3 replies)
... Well, if you have found a correlation in yourself between masturbation and breakouts, perhaps it is hormonal (and not just in the general sense that Tomata was talking about). Haven't studies found that certain hormonal levels change immediately after masturbation? That could possibly make you more prone to breaking out. (41 replies)

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