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... Even the majority of married men masturbate when thier wife is not availible or they just need a break from her. Masturbation causing acne is a myth. ... (4 replies)
... I have had acne since the age of 13, and I am currently an 18 year old male. ... (5 replies)
... What the hell we did to deserve acne like this? ... (44 replies)

... People who aren't acne prone are going to get acne from eating chocolate, sugar, etc. NO. If that where the case everyone would have acne. ... (19 replies)
... did U finally find out that it is Ur masturbation which is causing acne. If so HOw did U stop masturbation. ... (15 replies)
Dec 25, 2004
... now i believe that because someone says so. I guarantee for me food had an effect on my acne. Melted cheese being main culprit, also high greasy foods. Dirt not causing acne? ... (19 replies)
Sex and acne?
Sep 2, 2002
... I must disagree dsheldon3, now its known that for most people masturbation and acne have absolutley nothing in common. but for some people, like me, it is an issue. ... (26 replies)
... due to a change in diet or it could just be that my hormones are more well behaved now. or maybe all of the above who knows. personally i feel it is the lack of masturbation that has helped but who knows. i am still experimenting and hopefully will be able to locate the exact cause soon so i can come up with a permanant solution. ... (8 replies)
... old male. My acne started in 7th grade, and I started to get cysts and pustules right off the bat. Not a lot, but nevertheless. Around 3 or so years ago, I started masturbating. ... (41 replies)
... If masturbation gives you acne.......then what happens when you get into bed with a partner.......its no different.......friction is friction......... ... (13 replies)
Acne and sex?
Feb 8, 2004
... its not a myth, i laughed at first too. do some research, and some searches on this board and you will see that when you orgasm--through sex or masturbation, certain hormones/chemicals are released and that for many can aggrivate acne (4 replies)
... when you "Jack off" your blood pressure rises and you start sweating. Acne is caused by bacteria and when you sweat even a little, the sweat "feeds' the acne bacteria, causing zit flare ups... If I were you, I would try to find a good skin wash and acne treatment. ... (73 replies)
... As sad as this sounds, I'm going to have to agree. All the bullcrap you read about masturbation not causing acne..."infact, you could say that acne causes masturbation"...riiiight. I know it's not true, atleast not for me. Infact, I'm so sure now, I sometimes plan how and when I will masturbate. ... (8 replies)
... The subject of Masturbation.... alot of people do it! Now knowing that... Hormonal acne is caused by over active HORMONES!!So I'm not going to lie.... I masturbate alot and so I have stopped for 4 weeks and no new bumps has appeared.... Honestly... ... (10 replies)
... Hey I don,t think that masterbating is actually causing your acne but i do agree that it can make the problem worse. ... (34 replies)
... im sorry, im just annoyed, at not being able to eat anything 'Nice', except from apples, basicly, my skin has improoved drasticly i dont know if this is because of your diet, no masterbation, or the multivitamin, and B5 i take..but i think all of this combined = extremely clear skin, i also use topicals, but i mean this diet thing i can follow for a long time, but i mean we... (73 replies)
... y can or can't eat. I'm just giving you information. These are the foods that cause acne. In your case it may be only one or two or all of them. In order to heal acne it must be strict, because if you can't tell me what is causing your acne, how can I? ... (73 replies)
Dec 25, 2004
... I used to do it as an every day thing back in my early teens... Acne popped up and down. I don't believe it was because of masterbation. There are factors you have to look in to if you really think masterbation is a problem... ... (19 replies)
... I completely disagree. Masturbating causing me new breakouts when I do it regularly,(daily). It has to be a hormonal connection (I'm 21). Maybe its not the case for everyone. (9 replies)
... posted a great theory about this a while ago. taking antibiotics means you are suppressing acne causing bacteria. even if it does work for you, sooner or later your bacteria will grow resistant to the antibiotic. you cant take them forever you know. ... (3 replies)

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