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Dec 25, 2004
... Masturbating does not cause pimples. Masturbation is a perfectly healthy activity, for girls and guys, for women and men. ... (19 replies)
... hello guys please Don't Tell Me There is no links between masturbation or ejaculation and acne,i said that acne is not caused by masturbation but masturbation make it worse and i experience this. ... (1 replies)
... My skin is sort of oily, however it gets REALLY oily after I am done masturbating. ... (34 replies)

... In general, whenever I ejaculate more than ONCE a week, I breakout, I get a more oily face and a burning sensation in my cheeks. ... (34 replies)
Dec 26, 2004
... Theres not really any correlation between acne and sex/masturbation. It really is, from a medical standpoint, a condition of the skin. It is then affected by incoming influences. In other words, some people have acne-prone skin with weak follicle walls and overenthusiastic sebaceous glands. Incoming influences that triggers this type of skin would include hormones, cosmetics,... (19 replies)
... if you really believe that to be the case, then i guess you gotta ask yourself what is more important to you - masturbation or clear skin.. (4 replies)
... Nobody's imagining things - I'm also speaking from firsthand experience. I tried setting personal records and seeing how long I can go without masturbation and each time I attempted (and lasted up to 2 weeks) - that's when my skin was the clearest. As soon as I'd start again - I would break out on my face. Hormones hormones... (4 replies)
... I realized this recently that my face is breaking out purely from masturbation, and some milk on the side. How do I limit it for at most two times a week? I tried to give up but on the second day I couldn't help it. I do it once a day, it's really tough. Any tips? (4 replies)
... I skipped a day today and I noticed my skin was so much less oily (4 replies)
... I've noticed this morning that my forehead is not as oily as it usually is when I don't take it! ... (34 replies)
... calle me sceptical but come on they can send men to the moon but can,t even find the cause of oily skin and blemishes in the year 2004. ... (34 replies)
... Do you have oily skin? ... (34 replies)
... I still follow the old addage: masturbation doesn't cause acne, acne causes masturbation. But then again, maybe I just like masturbating. (25 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jul 27, 2004
... and bang oily face. ... (672 replies)
... Hello Ksaguy, I feel your pain really, the key to continue masturbation/sexual intercourse is , after you do the task, for 3-5 days your hormones will be out of wack, During this time for 3-5 days after, I usually workout even more to calm down my hormones. Remember exercise calms hormones. While it might not clear everything up, it decreases it. When your... (114 replies)
... i had a very oily skin. ... (114 replies)
... What does testerone have to do with oily skin? ... (114 replies)
... Oily skin doesn't necessary cause acne. People with pimples and cystic acne doesn't have oily skin either. It's what happen underneath the skin. I think acne is an internal problem. ... (25 replies)
... Unfornutately I'm 14 and if i was to get a girl it would be pretty hard to get oral at this age, maybe in 10th. I read that semen has zinc and b5 in it, so that could explain it Edit: Too much zinc can cause prostate cancer also (4 replies)
... You are imagining things . (4 replies)

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