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... I don't think it's easy to eat veggies fruits and nuts all day long. ... (14 replies)
... rmal diet for a lot of people, but it is not the normal diet for a lot more people. The majority of the world does not eat this way. The majority of Americans do and the majority of Americans are ill and obese. Toast and cereal does not have many calories, but I believe milk does. ... (14 replies)
... He has nice skin and only gets a pimple like once a month, whereas I can have several new ones each day. The change in diet did not affect his skin at all. ... (2 replies)

... me! I have been lurking for quite some time and have been intrigued by the posts relating to diet and acne. I have suffered from acne for quite some time, now...about 9 years. ... (9 replies)
... Yes, in the sense that they are a carbohydrate and they spike your insulin levels which can cause acne. Insulin is a hormone. ... (46 replies)
... Ok, so according to Cordain and what has worked for me, your diet is highly suspect as far as acne and in my opinion health as well. I know you think this is totally healthy and two years ago I would have as well. I ate very similarly. ... (16 replies)
... LOL, you didn't actually sit down and write down everything that you hear some of us avoiding and then think that you MUST avoid ALL of those foods did you? ... (9 replies)
... if the link doesn't work when you click on it, copy and paste it into your address broswer. ... (49 replies)
... Just out of curiosity, have any of you changed anything shortly before your acne got worse that you can attribute to it? ... (18 replies)
... my acne was at its WORST in those days. ... (13 replies)
... I have had acne since the age of 13, and I am currently an 18 year old male. ... (5 replies)
... I have good skin! It is amazing. I wanted to share with everyone what worked for me, especially because it is free and easy. ... (5 replies)
... My name is Miranda, i'm 25 and have had acne for 6 years with oily skin. ... (429 replies)
Protien and acne
Jan 24, 2005
... Many grains, legumes, and nuts are either high in methionine, low in lysine, or vise versa. ... (8 replies)
... I think you nailed it. It's just more trouble than people want to deal with. I was the biggest junk food junky going and now I can't find a thing to eat in a convenience store. It's tough to pull off. ... (16 replies)
... You can't tell people that are 12 and 15 NOT to eat certain foods when that is ALL some of them have access too. ... (30 replies)
... before, his diet really isn't bad, but it's definately not good either. He drinks coffee with the huge amount of sugar for breakfast, eats sandwiches for lunch, and then whatever I cook for dinner.. usually some type of meat and then a side or two. He eats no fruits other than maybe one apple a month.. ... (21 replies)
... my bf has what i would call severe acne around his cheeks and chin and around his upper lips were a mustache would be. He and i both would like to know what to do to get rid of it. He has proactive stuff but doesnt really use it much.. does that stuff work.. also.. ... (4 replies)
... I have not had ANY new skin is clear. Usually within 2 days of going off of the minocin, my acne comes back hard core. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't, but so far, so good just with the Diane alone. ... (2 replies)
Low Fat Diet
Mar 21, 2002
... My acne was better when I had a VERY low fat diet, less oil etc. I also dont eat bread or milk as they make me congested. ... (10 replies)

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