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... Vitamin B5 cured my acne, but it screwed up my hair... ... (13 replies)
Vitamin B5
Aug 30, 2009
... you all should quit megadosing on vitamin B5 (5 replies)
... I took the a b-complex and a biotin supplement religiously for the past 4 months and noticed no change what-so-ever. (13 replies)

... Once again, the hairloss is due to extreme dry and brittleness. Which is due to a deficientcy in other b vitamins, because you are megadosing on b5. ... (13 replies)
... A few years ago when I was around 21 I decided to try B5 megadosing. It took a while to work, but slowly and surely my skin started drying up and not regreasing. ... (40 replies)
... n my scalp, havent lost a single one. Its just body hair, it is only noticable to me though. I attriubute this slight inconvenience of shedding to the fact that Megadosing on a vitamin causes the same results as a defiency, thus my body lacks other B vitamins, and is megadosing on B5. Causing a deficiency in all the B vitamins. ... (6 replies)
... As for hair loss, its due to vitamin b deficientcies because of the megadosing. ... (13 replies)
... You cannot overdose on B5. It's water soluble, so you will urinate any excess out. That's why taking B5 in large quantities for acne is occasionally called "megadosing. ... (9 replies)
... a food allergy, or a vitamin deficiency. As soon as he mentioned the second possible cause I finally realized what was going on. By megadosing on pantothenic acid, I had given myself a deficiency in several other vitamins. I stopped taking the b5 3 days ago. ... (34 replies)
... I was overdosing on Vitamin B5 back when I was 15. ... (40 replies)
... What bothers me the most is that B5 had a negative impact on you and what you want is to be relieved from your acne. ... (34 replies)
... I think that doctor definetly got his degree from a cracker jack box. If B5 dries organs like that then same apply to Accutane, its logic. Accutane is megadosing vitamin A which is even worst as that is proven to cause damage. However I dont feel right neither too much B5. At least not to 10g like many people do. ... (13 replies)
... You went a year without them, while megadosing b5. And now its been over two years with these deficiencties present. Taking them now im sure will help minimally, or take longer too see the effect. ... (13 replies)
... It's not too important to take B5 with food. ... (3 replies)
... Try megadosing vitamin B5. it helps your body metabolize skin oil. ... (8 replies)
USE B5; Seriously
May 20, 2003
... There's a ton of information about it. There are many different brands of B5 and I'm really not sure if it makes a difference which one you get. GNC and Solgar are two brand names. ... (10 replies)
... I agree with you, Vitamin Man, that megadosing with vitamins should come with a caution, but I seriously have problems with the eagerness the dermatological profession has with dosing acne with antibiotics. ... (34 replies)
... B5 needs to purge all the junk from your system before it can go to wrok on clearing your face 100%. However, there are only a small percentage of people that will find maximum beneoft with B5 with dosages under 10g per day. The study called for 10g per day for mild to severe acne. You proved it to yourself, that B5 needs to purge a lot more junk from your system,... (3 replies)
... with your vitamin u take now. You should start out with 8g's a day if you have pretty oily skin. The only side effects i have seen are gas, and diarrea. ... (67 replies)
... Well i have tried GNC, Twinlabs and Solgar. I was on b5 for about 3months, and about 2 weeks ago i quit. ... (7 replies)

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