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... I have been reading the last couple of pages, I would like to add I did a couple of months taking Milk Thistle and I noticed a big difference in my acne, but I also had a initial breakout, which If I remember was quite bad. ... (56 replies)
... I read somewhere that drinking milk thistle tea or any form of milk thistle can help cure acne! So I decided to give it a try... ... (2 replies)
... Well have had had facial acne for years and years and never had more than a few noticable spots on my body at once. ... (0 replies)

... and as Milk Thistle is a part of this regiment, i have been reading about it as a wonderful purifier for acne. ... (0 replies)
... My initial breakout from Milk Thistle was really bad, I have a little breakout from Liver flushing aswell, some toxins find away back into my blood stream I think. ... (56 replies)
... Milk Thistle really HELPED my acne! It's very good for your liver, and the toxins in your body are a huge cause of acne... ... (12 replies)
... Yeah I would say slow up on the drinking. That is way too much. Get your liver checked out and see how its handling the toxins. I am on accutane for my acne and I only have one left on my entire face. The thing is ... ... (3 replies)
... all I can say is to try it and see. I found a list of other herbs that help your liver too, if you didn't like the milk thistle. ... (12 replies)
... Hey, about milk thistle, let me tell you that you SHOULD use it, it will not only NOT cause any break outs, but it will also if you have break outs, STOP them from happenening. ... (12 replies)
Milk thistle
Apr 29, 2005
... I have to say that I think it could be the milk thistle that is clearing me up. ... (16 replies)
... my naturopath told me that the liver is responsible for so many things in our helps regulate hormones properly..therefore, wouldnt milk thistle also help hormonal acne? ... (12 replies)
... i am also on diane 35..but i would like to come off of birth control all together..not to have a baby but to just be off of all scared the acne will come back...ive also been told that i may have pcos..ive changed my diet accordingly, drink plenty of water, drink plenty of green tea... ... (12 replies)
... moderate acne beforehand, had it under control with a diet, but since taking these capsules, i've got a horrible breakout in process right now. ... (56 replies)
Milk Thistle
Jun 3, 2006
... Has anyone here personally taken milk thistle to improve their acne and if so, has it helped or made it worse? ... (3 replies)
... o certifies that the product is digestible. Surprisingly not all supplements are tested!!!! Also, definitely tell your doctor what supplements you are taking. Milk thistle does interfere with some other meds even thought it is 'natural'. But I'm intrigued. It sounds like it may have potential for acne. ... (56 replies)
... I just started taking milk thistle and wanted to hear how it worked for other people. I want to take it for acne of couse, but heard that it is good for detoxing the liver. ... (3 replies)
Milk thistle
Apr 28, 2005
... ok well im sorry for flooding the forum recently but i been reading about milk thistle and was wondering if it would help with my acne on my back and chest and my face also but i really need somethin to clear my back and chest. ... (16 replies)
... Before I took it my acne was not terrible but not qood either. My skin is pretty clear now but at the time I started taking milk thistle also made lots of changes with diet and exercise so I can't say definitively whether it was the milk thistle or the other stuff. ... (6 replies)
... hmm..the part about the milk thistle caught my attention...the part that says if your sensitive to daisies and ragweed and stuff then u could get an allergic reaction... ... (12 replies)
... Has anybody used Milk Thistle before? ... (3 replies)

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