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... hopefully the acne is permantly reduced somewhat. see i dont really too bad of acne except blackheads, but i have really oily skin. ... (39 replies)
... Hi Mike: Here's what I take every day (and I break it into 2 - one with breakfast and one with dinner): Milk Thistle - 1000 mg. - 2 Zinc - 50 mg. - 1 Magnesium - 250 mg. - 1 Vitamin E - 400 IU - 1 Green Tea - 600 mg. - 2 Vitamin C - 1000 mg. - 1 Niacinamide - 1000 mg. - 1 BetaCarotene - 25,000 IU - 10 or 12 LiverRite - 2 (39 replies)
... aren't the only treatments. I'd like to believe those antibiotics help someone or doctors wouldn't keep prescibing them. I suspect that they help typical teenage acne that was going to clear up soon anyway. ... (16 replies)

My story
Jun 13, 2006
... ut the month. I don't take bc pills, I stopped taking them when I got prego with my first. And I'm always afraid to go back on them, I tend to think they made my skin acne seemed to be worse when I was younger and on the pill. ... (5 replies)
... The Provigil definitely can cause acne. I used to get acne as a teenager but Provigil has made my skin even worse than it used to be! But I'd rather be functional with acne than disabled with clear skin. Life isn't always fair... ... (6 replies)
... I saw an immediate change in my skin. My skin is no longer dry and it seems to have a natural balance to it. no moisturizer need at all. ... (17 replies)
Diet advice
Mar 19, 2005
... Holistic doctors refer to the skin as the 'third liver' because it is one of the organs through which toxins are released. ... (27 replies)
... end up as a dermatologist and specialise in acne. I have also suffered from relatively sever acne for 9 years. ... (18 replies)
... end up as a dermatologist and specialise in acne. I have also suffered from relatively sever acne for 9 years. ... (18 replies)
... Wow I read your story and I can totally relate. I started getting very, very, mild acne around age 15. ... (7 replies)
... I have never had severe body acne but I do know what it is like to have to walk around with a face full and I mean FULL of pimples...not much fun to say the least. ... (28 replies)
... cystic acne zits ! ... (0 replies)
... I dont have perfect skin by all means...i still break out alot and nothing seems to clear up my skin. I have read alot about vitamins that help acne.. ... (18 replies)
... I am even thinking of canceling a dinner obligation I have tonight because of the state of my skin right now. ... (12 replies)
... I agree with NYCgirl. (sorry, don't remember your full screen name) Veggiegirl, look at where it is bold, you are saing "try this and it will look much better". That specifically is saying that if you change your diet you will improve. Now you are telling nygirl that you mean't eating differently doesn't affect everyone. You didn't say that in your original post.... (41 replies)
... ed it and hope and pray that it could possibly be my cure. But so far I haven't gotten any responses. I'm looking for anyone who has successfully cured their dry skin and acne with jojoba oil. Has jojoba oil worked for anybody? ... (41 replies)
... Lots of water, 4 milk thistle a day, 2 tbsp calcium, 2 tbsp flax seed oil, sometimes a multi, and a skin formula suppliment containing C ester, dmae and alpha lipoic acid. ... (6 replies)
... reduced my acne and reduced my mild hirsuitism. ... (23 replies)
... Calisia, welcome on board. I am like you, i suffered acne around 17 and im 22 now. ... (18 replies)
... Hey bahamagirl, Can you tell me about your beta sitosterol? what brand did you take and how much. I am a guy and I know im supposed to take less than a girl does. Where did you order yours from? What reason did your doctor tell you to take it for? Do you have very oily skin? Did it decrese oil? Thanks (18 replies)

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