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... Wheat in bread causes acne in some people. Cut out as many wheat products from your diet as possible. ... (7 replies)
... hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, any dairy or milk, wheat gluten. ... (11 replies)
... Okay, firstly everyone is talking about how MUCOUS foods such as rice, bread, salt, milk, wheat, flour causes acne to flare up. Well, not to be prejudice but if you look around carefully, what groups of people mostly have acne? ... (2 replies)

... coffee. 1 month later, my 10 years of acne were almost gone. ... (14 replies)
Acne scars
Jul 17, 2006
... Just saw this. I got banned for a week for responding to the guy telling everyone that there was a 1 month miracle pill if we'd just all go to a derm. The food was oranges and orange juice. It was a coworker that figured it out. She got cysts on her chin after drinking orange juice but otherwise had perfect skin. So anyway, there's at least two of us. I haven't had an... (20 replies)
... lend on low for 30 seconds and then on high for 30 seconds OR if you're using an old blender then double the time. When it's done grab a jug you want to keep the milk in. Place the jug in the sink and hold the strainer over it. Slowly pour the milk through the strainer into the jug. ... (7 replies)
... Some people with acne can't tolerate any grains at all. ... (28 replies)
... from diseases like cancer, heart diseases, diabities, etc. Some peoples bodies react differently, so when you see someone who eats like a pig and does not have acne it does not mean that bad diet does not make your acne worse. ... (28 replies)
... Previously, many people have suggested that wheat has been one of the causes in the appearance of acne. I think I know why. I'm one of those "diet" acne suffers, meaning that by changing my diet and taking some supplements, I can make my face clear up. ... (0 replies)
... If we are talking solely hormones here and not allergies or intolerances (why some of us avoid misc. items), then the following apply: Grains - Wheat, Gluten, Most Grains or All Grains (the more grains, especially gluten grains in your diet, the greater your ability to produce the hormones & inflammatory products neccessary for the develpment of acne) "Sugars" -... (21 replies)
... i had moderate to severe cystic acne for years.. like you i tried everything.. Proactiv worked for about a year for my brother.. ... (13 replies)
... ut this is not what i have. It is, afterall, the lactose that makes a person who is lactose intolerant, feel sick. Low lactose dairy foods are ones like cheese, milk and sour cream, which is exactly what I do eat on a regular basis. ... (19 replies)
... I started eating "differently" almost two years ago. I have no idea if food affects my skin...I just started because I was sick of acne and heard food might have something to do with it. Anways..let me tell you what I allow myself to eat. ... (28 replies)
... Hey, thanks for FINALLY sharing your regimen. I heard about the Acne Cure, long after I was following a similar method. ... (54 replies)
... s didn't have ingredient labels! The one thing you must realize is you can't assume that just because it's chicken, lunchmeat that it doesn't have corn syrup or wheat in it..... Ask them, check online, or read the package before buying it. ... (54 replies)
... omend Kinnikinnick Foods. I don't like cake donuts, but GF Cake donuts are awesome. If you like pasta, just purchase GF pasta. I've never been found of regular wheat pasta, but GF pasta is made with Brown Rice, Corn, Quinoa, Amaranth or other grains. I tend to favor the Brown Rice's soo good. ... (53 replies)
... tart foods can cause acne outbreaks. ... (26 replies)
... Some people are allergic to wheat products. I, however, am not. I do eat wheat free things but just because I'm paranoid. I don't think dairy affects me either, but I don't eat it EXCEPT goat cheese. ... (18 replies)
... For me personally, i think dairy is the cause of Acne. I stopped drinking milk and taking in dairy source and my face has definitly clear up. BUT i cannot claim that this is the cure for sure cause i am also on Duac. ... (12 replies)
... me! I have been lurking for quite some time and have been intrigued by the posts relating to diet and acne. I have suffered from acne for quite some time, now...about 9 years. ... (9 replies)

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