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... I am on the same stuf, have been given 56 days worth, am about 3 weeks into treatment and it seems to be workin very well. i am also on retin a lotion (13 replies)
... thanks for the replies. ... (16 replies)
... as for my diet, i met with a naturopathic medicine woman for the first time last week. ... (7 replies)

Adult Acne
Aug 4, 2005
... Im a 30 yr old female with cystic acne. When i was a teenager I had no acne to speak of. When I was 19 I woke up one morning with about 10 spots on my face and that was the start of it. ... (73 replies)
... The previous post is correct about the minocin. I think minocin is just the brand name for the antibiotic minocyline. I am on it now, and have been for about 4 years. I have stopped taking it twice and both times my acne came back so I had to start taking it again. ... (6 replies)
Mar 23, 2004
... and the effects lasted a further 6months before the odd spot returned,It was worth the hassle of taking it to give me a worry free skin for the whole of last summer. ... (2 replies)
... It can get better! I'm 23 years old and I've been dealing with horrible cystic acne for several years now. Nothing has worked for me. ... (0 replies)
... ut to recieve some zinc sulphate tablets 200mg that i ordered from a health store and would like to know if anybody else has taken these with success in the past for acne? ... (2 replies)
... Minocin is a tetracycline antibiotic, prescribed for a broad variety of conditions including adult acne. I took it for about 18 months some years ago. ... (6 replies)
... Its been about 1.5 months on Minocin, 100 mg twice a day. It clears my skin but I still get a couple zits a week, it seems they are always appearing after the weekend when I drink and stay out late. I read that it takes 2-3 months for a antibiotic to work 100% its working about 85% right now. For some reason it won't completely eliminate the acne, but it does a good job... (1 replies)
... For the last month I stopped consuming all diary products and bread. All dairy is mucus causing that aggrevates your acne. Bread products are a burden for your digestive system to process. ... (4 replies)
... I just started getting cystic acne a few months ago. It just keeps coming back and spreading. ... (3 replies)
... Well heres my story.. im 14.. and i would say i have mild to moderate acne though i am in desperate need of improvement... ... (5 replies)
... I just started getting cystic acne a few months ago. My mom says she started getting at about the same age. It just keeps coming back and spreading. ... (96 replies)
... i went to the derm, she switched my antibiotic to dynacin. she kept me on the topicals. she said that my face looked clearer to her. i wanted to scream what do you know at her, but since i am shy i didn't. ... (8 replies)
... Do you have active acne or just scars? ... (7 replies)
... My daughter has been on orthotricyclen now for the past 4 months specifically for her acne. It's done nothing, in fact, she's worse. Now she wants to switch to ortho lo because she said she gets mood swings. ... (16 replies)
Minocyclin and B5
Mar 16, 2002
... antibiotics together may be harmful. If you are already taking CALCIUM and antibiotics together, take them at different times of the day, and contact your doctor for further information. ... (4 replies)
... Well you can't blame your first doctor, like someone said, everyone reacts differently. What he had prescribed you might work for some. ... (10 replies)
... skin issues similar to mine. I've been lurking for a while, but I'm finally making my first appearance, in hope of getting some advice from you guys. ... (9 replies)

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