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... oxytetracycline and minocycline with no improvement in my skin. Do you think the derm Im going to visit will allow me to try accutane? ... (6 replies)
... Day 15 on Accutane Age: 31 (female) Weight: 110 Height: 5'5" Daily Dose: 40 mg My skin was actually really clear before I started due to a year of Minocycline and Retin-A. I was super oily though which couldn't be controlled with anything. I started breaking out on Day 3 and have pretty much gotten a huge new zit everyday since. They seem to clear pretty quickly... (13 replies)
... i did a lil research and one source said that the only antibiotics that interact with accutane are tetracycline and minocycline. ... (1 replies)

... Please be aware that long term antibiotic therapies can play havoc with your system. I had abnormal liver function tests on eurythromycn and kidney problems on tetratcyclen. But no problems with accutane. Go figure! Also, keep mind you will have to stay on antibiotics for a long time (years) to keep suppressing the acne bacteria (as well as the good bacteria your body... (8 replies)
... Minocycline combo worked well for me in regards to the breakouts but did nothing for my oily skin. After a year of contemplation I decided Accutane was my best option unless I wanted to pop numerous pills every day indefinitely. So now I am on day 7. ... (9 replies)
... I took Accutane for the full six months and sorry to say i wasn't impressed with the outcome. It did substantially cut down the deep pimples expecially on my back. ... (6 replies)
... i'm not sure about accutane...but i take minocycline and do E occasionally...and i'm doin great...i'm sure taking 1 pill will not harm... ... (29 replies)
Accutane question
Apr 25, 2002
... into white heads after a long while. However, after one spot clears, i get them somewhere else and so on and so on, and its like a never ending battle. I am on minocycline now, and have been for maybe 2 years. Should I consider accutane? ... (9 replies)
... After visiting my derm. today, he told me about accutane, the side effects, dosage, etc. However, although I already knew that it can cause serious depression, he didn't tell me. I'm not sure why he didn't mention it, but after reading all these posts, its sounds too risky and I don't think its worth it. He told me to think about it and tell him if I want to go on it when I... (35 replies)
... A, minocycline or anything else Ive ever had prescibed. ... (0 replies)
... I went to the dermotologist and he prescribed me minocycline and topicals. Now the antibiotic doesn't work any more. ... (7 replies)
... Exactly Nomar. Take me for instance. I have never noticed an initial breakout from any other acne medications I've used in the past, which include everything from retin-a to minocycline. I've just finished my first week on accutane. What I notice right now is a bunch of whiteheads on spots where I usually get acne. Initial breakout. Some people are said to have... (3 replies)
... on it forever. Seeing that my cousins were still getting acne in their late 20's, I figured that it was not something I was going to grow out of and that taking accutane as a 'cure' might be an option. So I am slightly suggesting this to you too as an around and see if it is something you would like to pursue. ... (4 replies)
... I have moderate acne. Not mild, not cystic, just very persistent. Its mostly along my jawline. I have been on numerous antibiotics (minocycline, erythromycin, tetracycline), and many topicals(retin-a, differin, tazorac.) Right now my derm has me on Doxycycline and Benzamycin. I am seeing no significant results. I asked him about putting me on accutane, but he says my acne is... (35 replies)
... Do you know any drugs out there work similar to Accutane but with less side effects? ... (2 replies)
... A 6month course of 40mgs accutane a day. Or staying on Minocycline for 2yrs at 200mgs a day? ... (1 replies)
... Yeah, I seen no improvement at all, so I had to discontinue. I am now on accutane, and have been on for 5 days, and I'm seeing more improvement that I had on mincocycline. (3 replies)
... I have no experience with the above drug, but for anyone on accutane. I don't recommend regular tanning or long lengths of sun exposure. (3 replies)
Jun 29, 2006
... Of course everybody is different ((i hate when people say that to me)) , but ortho-novum ((i was on the generic of it 'necon' and im about to start a different generic of it 'nortrel')) really did help me a lot. It didnt help right away though. I was on it about a year and my chest/back cleared up completely. I was able to wear anything i wanted to last year and it was great.... (4 replies)
Jun 29, 2006
... so birth control does work for acne? because friends are telling me that it will work and its alot cheaper then accutane! well let me know? thanks -grace (4 replies)

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