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... girl just asked...I think accutane is about as close to a cure for acne as we can find. ... (6 replies)
... I first got acne in the sixth grade, and it was mostly on my forehead. It covered my entire forehead with little bumps. I compared my skin with everyone else's, and they didn't even have one pimple. It got worse from then on... in seventh grade it was mild inflammatory but on my chin and nose, mostly. In eighth grade it was the worst. It became cystic and moderate to... (15 replies)
... Jenk24 Have you ever taken accutane? Anyway, I agree with karen, do everything you can to boost your immune system. Try some echinacea, have raw garlic in your meals; at least 4 raw cloves crushed into your food per day, (great immune booster and definitely helps decrease cysts especially once they have formed from my own personal experience of dealing with cysts),zinc... (9 replies)

... Hello Everyone, ___I'm sorry this has taken so long, but things at home have been a bit hectic. My wife is having a few problems with a lot of pain and I've been occupied trying to make things easier for her. It seems she has an ovarian tumor and will have to have an operation this coming monday. ___As I said before, Acne has many causes, and no one fix is is good for all.... (8 replies)
... Solodyn is an antibiotic. It is a brand name for the drug minocycline . ... (10 replies)
Acne problem
Feb 22, 2013
... Dave, not sure how old you are, but hormones play a huge part in this. For many of us, we have suffered with acne for most of our teens, and I, into my 40s...the only thing that ever helped for me, was photodynamic therapy, which is a laser procedure. This procedure cleared up my mostly cystic acne for 2-3 years at a time, although I do go back for touchups and have it done... (1 replies)
... Hey y'all; I know I'm not alone in this, but right now I feel like I am. I'm 32 and have had acne since I was about 14, and it's worse now than it's ever been. I feel like I've tried everything possible, and I've had pretty much no success in clearing my skin. Today, my skin is covered in cysts and bumps, as well as hundreds of red spots, icepick scars, and an overall... (9 replies)
... I struggled for years with acne as a teen, and eventually used accutane to achieve clear skin which lasted for years. ... (1 replies)
Skincare HELP!!
Aug 11, 2009
... Proactive never worked for my sons. My oldest did great with minocycline, though he was on it too long and experienced blue gums. Thank God it was only the gums. I've heard of people who have blue marks on their face, or their teeth turned gray. So my youngest tried everything, oral and topical from derm. He is 17. Currently on accutane. Week two. Doing well. While you... (7 replies)
Mar 14, 2009
... HI, and thank you for your reply. You didnt see any difference? Youre taking a prety strong dose of minocycline.....i was only given 40 mgs.. The ALA treatment isnt just ALA- I have a post up which describes in detail what it is. Its a laser treatment called Photodynamic Therapy ALA and I have an entire post up on it under the ance threads...please take a look if you are... (2 replies)
Mar 14, 2009
... This is a relatively new antibiotic which is minocycline derm wants me to consider it. ... (2 replies)
Aug 17, 2008
... I too had great skin whilst pregnant and then for the next 5 years dealt (deal) with cystic acne around the chin area. I've mentioned in a couple of threads today tha Saw Palmetto; 50 mg zinc; flaxseed oil and apple cide vinegar caplets, once daily, works! I went to a dermo for 5 years, had injections, was on antibiotics for 2 years Minocycline, tried Accutane in my early... (8 replies)
... is loosing battle with kidney cancer. I never knew why they put him on it in any case, just that it was a part of some experimental treatment. I spent years on minocycline and finally had to come off that due to it causing raised liver enzymes. That really frightened the life out of me. ... (5 replies)
... then i went on minocycline for a few months, it cleared my chin up, but my forehead, and my cheeks are still completely covered in red spots. so now im on accutane. ... (8 replies)
Oct 28, 2006
... As for my question, seeing that Tretinoin has not worked for me, what is likely the next treatment my Dermatologist will place me on. Part of me is hoping for Accutane or Minocycline. I don't have the slightest idea of what could be next to me as acne is not the biggest concern, but getting rid of these red marks. ... (0 replies)
... beam and smooth beam laser, yasmin... the only thing i havent tried is accutane and thats just cuz i dont have time for my face to be peeling off for 3 months.... so i finally turned away from dermatology and went down the medical spa road. ... (5 replies)
Aug 15, 2006
... hi, i just joined this because i am in the same situation as a lot of you. i have tried so many antibiotics for acne and nothing seems to work. i have done minocycline, doxycycline, bactrim, and now i am on solodyn. none of these have been working at all and the solodyn just made it much worse. Does anyone know of any other better pills to take for it besides accutane? i dont... (5 replies)
... yes, retin a micro will help heal the red marks and scarring. it worked great for me. also i would like to consider taking minocycline with the retin a micro. it cleared my skin for a really long time. ... (2 replies)
... Mommaoftwinsplus1, I want to thank you for sharing!! I am on doxycycl right now and tomorrow i go to the derm and start taking spiro. We have already talked about it. I don't have insurance so for me this is perfect!! I just really hope it works! (24 replies)
... As I sit here on my computer reading all the posts about minocycline, tetracycline, erythromycin, clindamycin, retin-a, benzoyl peroxide, birth control pills, proactive, healthy diet, tea tree oil, b5, digestive cleanse, aspirin mask, Duac,etc....the list goes on, I just want to say that I have tried all these things. The only thing I have not tried is Accutane. However I did... (24 replies)

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