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This works for me.
May 25, 2004
... So 3x500mg pill form of Inositol is a pretty safe dosage for a person who suffers from a mild form of acne that just isn't clearing up? ... (65 replies)
May 16, 2003
... YOur derm put you on a LIGHT regimen,klaron is a rarely used topical sulfa,Doxycycline is pretty light too.. but then you said don't have bad acne so it seems logical to put you on that,how long have you been on this regimen? ... (37 replies)
... moderate acne, and i desperately want it clear!! so please list your experiences and also please tell me how long it took for your skin to clear while using whatever you did. thanx so much!! please reply quick too cuz im going tomorrow...THANX! ... (5 replies)

... ks or side effects. so i'd appreciate it if everyone who is done with accutane, or just about done would post a little bit about they're experience with how long it took to see results, was there an initial breakout and any side effects. ... (11 replies)
... i've been using it for a little over 2 months now and also havn't noticed any change. I've also been taking Minocycline, but my acne seems to be the same. How long do these take? ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. No I am not currently clear and I haven't been in about 6 years! That is how long I have been going to the dermatologist. None of the oral antibiotics I have taken have ever really helped my acne. ... (4 replies)
... How long have u been on minocycline? ... (5 replies)
... I was just wondering how long did it take before you saw improvement on these meds? ... (5 replies)
... It really bugs me how he says that you should take all this natural vitamins, eat this healthy diet, yet to also take accutane. ... (18 replies)
... Yes, we all have some form of acne on this board but I guarentee you that we all have dozens of reasons why. For me it is a ongoing hormonal disorder vs. ... (17 replies)
My experience
Jul 12, 2001
... I haven't posted here in a long while, so I thought I'd update you on my progress. ... (5 replies)
... all over the sides of my face .. not too long after it started to spread to my cheeks and forehead ... it was getting very bad. I freaked out too and went to the derm. ... (10 replies)
... well it's not good to be on antibiotics that long or at all. ... (10 replies)
... een on 100mg minocycline 2x a day for over 3 months, and while I don't get nearly as many large cysts as I was before I started the mino, the overall state of my acne has gotten worse, especially on my cheeks. More smaller pimples. ... (3 replies)
My Experience
Mar 2, 2002
... Hello. I have been suffering from acne since I was 13 years old, and now I am 16. I know that 3 years is nothing compared to some of you, but I can still relate to some extent. ... (10 replies)
... I took Minocycline two years ago and my doctor took me off because he said that he didnt want me on it for too long and that its not good for your health if your on it for a long period of time. ... (3 replies)
... end up as a dermatologist and specialise in acne. I have also suffered from relatively sever acne for 9 years. ... (18 replies)
... y are cooked in Whole Unaltered Oils that are stable, but few places do that. When it comes to topics like this, it's your own personal decison, but be aware of HOW it may impact you. ... (111 replies)
... and the doc says "I don't think birth control is going to work for you, your acne is too bad. ... (20 replies)
Thoughts On Dairy
May 18, 2006
... My acne was never really bad because even as a teenager, I knew that my acne was the result of what I ate. It wasn't hard to notice the pattern. So if my skin broke out, I'd just avoid sugary foods. ... (10 replies)

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