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... minocycline success rates aren't quite well documented since it is an antibiotic, most people that take it still get pimples just not as much, i suggest you think more seriously about accutane and get the guarentee of no more acne (5 replies)
... Ive been using Minocycline and Retin A for about 8 months now, the results are alright, dont think of it as a cure for acne, it still is there, i get pimples here and there but not as much as i used to. it does stop them from becoming big and coming to the surface, but i have lots of red spots and blemishes that it doesnt help with. But go ahead and get that prescription, its... (2 replies)
... First of all, Minocycline and accutane are two very different can't even compare the two. ... (5 replies)

... for a prescription for Minocycline. I had tried 4 years ago and it worked wonders for me but then I stopped using it when my refills expired. Has anyone had any success with it and what dosage were you given? ... (2 replies)
... I am so glad the minocycline has worked for you. My teenage daughter went on it in November. In early January she started having severe daily migraine headaches. Our dr. ... (15 replies)
... i'm having success!! the true test however will be in the maintenance period to follow however. i'm on diane, a 3mth course of minocycline, differin at night, benzoyl peroxide 5% on my face during the day, and BP 10% on my back and chest during the day. i've been struggling with my skin since i was 14yo (27yo now), and the although i've cleared up before this a few times... (8 replies)
... Anyone know the success rates in clearing up mild to moderate acne with minocycline? ... (5 replies)
... Hey April, I'm in the same boat as you right now I think. I've been using it for about 2 months and the last month has been the best so far. I've been rating my acne from 0-5, 5 being the worst, 0 being completely clear. I'd say my skin has been between a 1 and 2 for the last month (up to a 3 durring my cycle), but I've yet to have a completely clear day. I'm also using... (5 replies)
... Hey Mino users... For those who have had success with Minocycline (regardless if your acne eventually came back) how CLEAR were you?? I have been on Mino. now for almost 13 weeks and for the last 3-4 weeks I have seen the best results. I have been mostly clear and feeling way better about myself... however there still seems to be a few new pimples popping up a few days a... (5 replies)
... I have been on defferin now for about 4 months, but i was also prescribes minocycline and Bp to use with it. ... (2 replies)
Jul 7, 2007
... accutane journal, and I saw how affective it was at letting others know what to epect, and at answering question that other users might have. So why not start a Minocycline journal, and hopefully it will have the same success as the accutane journal did. ... (5 replies)
... I got these prescriptions from my doc today and I am excited to start it I am suppost to use the differin gel once every other night and the minocycline I have to take 100 mg 2 times a day and I need to see my doc after 2 months and he said I will most likly see results after like 1 week. ... (9 replies)
... m just now starting to get cysts back. I called in to refill my mino yesterday, so hopefully with the return to my meds I will clear up again. I have had major success with this drug and I truly and sincerely hope that you do too. ... (6 replies)
... along with a topical clindamycin phosphate lotion. So I'm now going to try this route. Was wondering if others have had success being on minocycline and if you had any bad side effects? ... (2 replies)
... I am on minocycline along with duac gel and I have been on it for a month, I don't think that it's long enough to really see any improvements so I am not sure if it is working yet or not. Hopefully, within the next few weeks I will start to really notice if it is working. But I have to say that I am pretty happy with the duac gel that I am using to go with the minocycline. (2 replies)
... I know the side effects and risks of Minocycline, but what I am looking for are success stories. If anyone had lasting effects from Mino, I would love to hear them. ... (4 replies)
Jul 7, 2002
... I've been on Minocycline for about seven months now and it's worked out wonderfully for me thus far. I've jabbered about my current success a few times on this board. ... (12 replies)
... I was put on minocyline really early on about 4 years ago. It was the second thing I was prescribed, but it was the first medicine that I had success with. ... (2 replies)
Feb 8, 2005
... i took minocycline too. ... (7 replies)
... Yea see i have mostly inflammatory acne with some cystic acne on my back, so we'll see how it goes. Again, anyone experience success on minocycline? ... (6 replies)

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