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... I stopped taking b-5 after two months because the side effects I was getting from it just weren't worth it anymore. I have also been on retin-a and minocycline, so I figured, why the hell take b-5 when I'm on all the other prescribed drugs. I would advise if you are on antibiotics that you not take can if you choose but, think about it; you don't want to... (20 replies)
... eeeks! *ducks* I'm a going! I'm a going! - J (8 replies)
... For me it took about 3 weeks or so of 100mg twice a day. After I got pretty clear and didn't have any new pimples forming, I went down to 100mg ONCE a day. Now I'm thinking about tapering off even more. I'd rather do that than build a resistance to it, in case I need to go back on it at some point. (8 replies)

... Jeff23, go to your freakin' prom! If you don't go everyone on the acne site will be mad at you! Don't let acne do this to you man, your stronger than that and you know it! Reguardless of how you look, your still you and others will notice that. Besides, prom pictures are usually taken from far away.
... It wont wipe the acne off of your face BUTafter a few months you will notice that it has killed the bacteria and you will barely ever see a new zit again. however, all of your forming zits will be oushed to the surface, so youll have a warzone for a while. (8 replies) no hope?
Mar 28, 2001
... Thank you atget..I will find a new derm.I think that would be better. and swissmiss..Well..That will be a long list oral doxycycline 6 months (worked at first but i had a second course for 4 months it didn't work),Benzamycin (worked as well then it stopped working),Differin,Skinoren (Azeliac acid) cream,Cleocin T (horrible),Retin A,Benzac AC(Benzoyl peroxide),Diane 35 (10... (6 replies)
... NO J GO TO YOUR PROM! dont make your decision based on acne! dont let it rule your life like that! trust me i almost did that last year and i am very glad i went i had so much fun. but i definetly know where you are coming from and how you must feel. hang in there and if you do go have a great time! (8 replies)
... Took me about 2 weeks, around the same time when the side effects (dizziness, etc.) went away. I only took it for about a month and a half though, then my derm switched me back. I'm honestly thinking of going back to my crappy derm, I don't hink I can handle this myself. I hate myself too much. I might not even goto my prom. - J (8 replies)
... and I noticed that it helped with the smaller whiteheads that stay near the surface. However, it did absolutely nothing for my cystic acne, and I had to go on minocycline to get rid of those. If you have mild acne, I think Proactiv would work pretty well. ... (4 replies)
... so I talked to my dermatologist, gynecologist and pharmacist at length. Basically, the minocycline can rarely cause the pill to be less effective. By ineffective, I mean that you could possibly ovulate while taking it. ... (8 replies)
... I was wondering... If I decided to take minocycline would it even work since my body doesn't react the same way as it used to tetracycline? ... (1 replies)
... and they only work WHILE your on them. As soon as you stop acne comes back. Man i hate that. But there cheap so i said what the hell and took em again. ... (11 replies)
... and they only work WHILE your on them. As soon as you stop acne comes back. Man i hate that. But there cheap so i said what the hell and took em again. ... (11 replies)
... Hi , i started accuatne this week im on a very low dose 40 mgs per week plus im still taking minocycline 100mgs twice aday has anyone been on both at the same time or did the low dose accutane work? ... (6 replies)
... Yeah, I'm on minocycline too. I would love to get off of that as well. I definitely think stress plays a role. ... (8 replies)
... my doc percribed it for me and wondering if anyone had success using it.. Its 10% (lol looks like i gotta put a rubberband on my bangs or put gel on my hair and comb it back because it may bleach On a side not the B5 has really helped reduce oil on my face and hopefully that works Will the wash and renova... (2 replies)
... Hi ... Ive been on Benzamycin for a year on and off, which worked great at first but soon wore off. With the Benzamycin I used Minocycline too. That combination didnt work so my Derm switched me to Tetracycline with Differin. ... (3 replies)
... The second I got off of minocycline and differin, the bumps vanished overnight. ... (8 replies)
... Some stuff to think about.... I was on Tetracycline, Minocycline or Dynacin, on and off for years. The longest was 1 year. ... (0 replies)
Azeliac acid
Jan 23, 2001
... I still get some whiteheads, but not as many. I'm also on minocycline which helps because it keeps those few whiteheads from becoming inflammatory. I'm not sure if it helps reduce pigmentation. ... (8 replies)

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