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... Oral antibiotics (like minocycline) kill ALL bacteria in your body, including the GOOD bacteria that actually fight the BAD bacteria. If you discontinue the antibiotic, try taking acidophilus. Acidophilus is a probiotic bacteria. By producing organic compounds, this type of bacteria promotes good digestion and increases immune functions by increasing the acidity in the... (4 replies)
... That is horrible! I just read this..and I am totally shocked! I went on Minocycline about 2 weeks ago, and I my face went from normal mild/everyday acne, to massive blue & purple cysts (which I've never had before in my life!) on my neck! On top of that they are soooo painful! I've also had the extreme dizziness! Last week I would be walking around work, and litterally... (7 replies)
... Yeah, I think you are right. This is really bad... It seems like every 5 minutes I have a new huge pimple popping up on my face. It just does not look like my normal everyday acne. I mean, I have always had very mild/normal acne, but this acne is just painful! It even hurts when I lay my face on my pillow! :( This really isn't normal. My boyfriend even noticed that... (4 replies)

... I was just put on Minocycline about 2 weeks ago...and OH MY GOODNESS, I am breaking out even more! Is this supposed to happen? ... (4 replies)
... I've checked out a lot of old minocycline threads, and people tend to all say the same thing. It worked great for a few months, then it lost its effect. and acne returned. ... (7 replies)
... Do a search on this board regarding acne and diet and you will see that avoiding the obvious culprits are just a start. Try reducing/eliminating gluten (breads, pasta), hydrogenated oils, dairy, and eat more fruits and vegetables. If that's not an option for you then maybe antibiotics are a better solution, just don't overuse. If it was me personally, I would look at a topical... (7 replies)
... i've used minocin/minocycline for about 8 years there was no difference in decrease oil production so obviously when i stopped taking it for a while, i didn't see a difference the only difference i saw is, i started to break out again (5 replies)
... When i stopped minocycline i don't recall ever noticing a difference in oil production. ... (5 replies)
... Has anyone ever experienced an increase in oil production after stopping minocycline? If so, how long did it last? What is the cause? Thanks in advance for any replies. (5 replies)
... I take Minocycline and use Proactive.. It works VERY good! I still get zits but there the little ones.. and its only like one.. not huge clusters.. or big huge pain full ones. . ... (7 replies)
... Well I actually went off of it last Christmas.. and my face was so oily, in all the pics the light's reflecting off of my face it's terrible. And, I broke out on my forehead like crazy and my cheeks too.. I had to go on Accutane to counteract the side effect of going off of Mino. So, Accutane cleared me up, I took it from March-Aug.. but I'm breaking out only in 1 place now... (9 replies)
... Alexandra, have your "wierd" breakouts subsided, or have they stuck around after you went off the minocycline? (9 replies)
... Hi! I have recently stopped taking minocycline (about 2 days ago) because it was causing a large discoloration on my lower lip. I was wondering if anybody knew how long these side effects will last, and if there is anything to speed up the process of normal lip pigmentation. (9 replies)
... lately my minocycline dosage of 200mg which i have been taking for a 1 year and 7 months has started to make my pimples just turn into dark purple marks on my skin without ever even forming a white head. They stay for ever and never seem to go away in the entire time ive been taking it. Im started to get pretty worried. I asked my derm and he said "i dont know" no joke which... (1 replies)
... I was taking acidopholous while on tetra and minocycline. I heard that it is supposed to totally help with the good bacteria. I'm not sure if it will affect the increased breakoputs you're having though. You've been on it for 5 years?? My body adjusted to it i think in about 6 months. Maybe try tapering off of mino and onto b5 at the same time. Take it slow to ease any... (8 replies)
... Hey guys, I've been on minocycline for the past month and got a mini-facial (non-glycolic) yersteday along with one session of clearlight. I was wondering if anyone had a facial/clearlight done while on mino and wether i should be concerned at all about the facial redness taking longer to subside. Appreciate any replies. (0 replies)
... Did you have any success with Minocycline? (2 replies)
Oct 24, 2003
... I just started minocycline... and it has only been three days, I was wondering how long it takes to see results with this medication????? (7 replies)
... I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for about 2 years because I had bad acne in High school, and this cleared my face up completely about 1-2 months after starting it. I then went off of it for about 4 months to give my body a break recently. I decided to start back up on the pill again becuaes I was getting a few pimples every now and then and I thougtht if i go back on orto-tri... (0 replies)
Oct 14, 2003
... Can some one please tell me how long people usually go on minocycline before they discontinue useing it. ... (6 replies)

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