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Minocycline Works
Jun 25, 2006
... Just wanted to quickly check in after being away from the board for MONTHS! Back in about February, I took Minocycline for about a month and a half and miraculously my face cleared up! I was upset at the time because my dr. ... (8 replies)
... My acne would always come back much worse after a period of time when I was off of minocycline since you wipe out all of your friendly bacteria in your body. You may want to look into a probiotic. ... (1 replies)
... hi many people in here tryed minocycline? I have been taking it about 4 weeks nearly i think, and it seems to be working quite good. I have been washing with baby soap and using jonhsons baby lotion as a cleanser/mouistriser. I only use soap on my face/body every other day in the showe, and I cleanse my face/neck 3 times a day with the johnsons cleanser and cotton wool... (0 replies)

... hey everyone. I just started using minocycline ( which was perscribed by my doctor) and would it be wise to use like a acne cream like clearasil or natures cure, etc, on my face while taking the minocycline? or would it be better not to or just use a cream that the doctor gives? help me with some feedback. thanks. (6 replies)
... I have been on minocycline for about 10 months, I went off of it after 5 months because it cleared up my acne so well. ... (5 replies)
... Well, I just got back from yet another disappointing derm visit. I'm 25, and have tried SO many different prescriptions for acne. My latest effort was being on bc pills, Retin-A, doxycycline, and benzamycin for 14 months. I was hoping to get Accutane, but instead I got Minocycline and clindamycin to go along with the retin-a I've been using. What the hell?!! If the combo... (3 replies)
... go to my doctor on monday to get me some medicine for my anxiety and i think i will ask him to write me a prescription for a antibiotic. which one should i get, minocycline or tetracycline? ... (1 replies)
... I haven't noticed any improvement at all, in fact the acne is getting worse. I've been taking Minocycline on a full stomach. Are you supposed to take Minocycline on a full or empty stomach? ... (8 replies)
... ee weeks ago, I started taking the antibiotic minocycline. I'm still getting really severe breakouts all over my arms. Any idea on how long it takes before the Minocycline finally does it's job? ... (8 replies)
... Well I have been on minocycline for like 9-10 days now and I take a 100 mg pill at 4-10 in the morning and 4-10 at night I missed my morning dose yesterday abd took my afternoon dose at 4 pm will this mess up the process of the minocycline? evey other dose I have made on time...... btw so far it seems to be making it better the inital break-out was pretty bad tho so I have... (1 replies)
... Listen bro, based on your other responses about "drinking while on minocycline", you should obviously cut the drinking part. In no way will you improve or let the drug progress if you keep drinking/smoking weed/etc... or any other habit like that. Seriously, don't ever drink while you are on any type of drug. Could lead to seizures and possible death! Alcohol and heavy... (5 replies)
... I got these prescriptions from my doc today and I am excited to start it I am suppost to use the differin gel once every other night and the minocycline I have to take 100 mg 2 times a day and I need to see my doc after 2 months and he said I will most likly see results after like 1 week. ... (9 replies)
... Hi :) My name is Kimberly, I'm currently a senior in college and have suffered from moderate cystic acne since the 11th grade. As a former model, I have had a particularily hard struggle with my self esteem since the onset of my acne and continue to try to lock myself up with any (even extremely minor) breakout. When I first visited a dermatologist, I was prescribed... (6 replies)
... Man, that's a lot of urinating and probably too much water. It might flush out whatever Minocycline uses to get rid of acne. ... (2 replies)
... a pea size amount spread over my face, I just recently down sized the doses and its been just fine for the last month or so. I am wondering if the Minocycline is even still working right now, since I have been on it for so long, I am not sure if humans become immine too it within a certain time frame. ... (11 replies)
... I started weening off minocycline a few weeks ago. I started off taking 2 pills a day like you, or 14 pills a week. ... (1 replies)
... bLAH! i was on ortho tri cyclen and the antibiotic minocycline for awhile... it worked GREAT.. then i stopped it around last may.. and was put on topamax.. ... (1 replies)
... My daughter took minocycline for about a 1 1/2 years...along with differin. The combination cleared her very well. She then slowly weaned off the antibiotic, while continuing the differin. Her skin stayed very clear. She had no problems at all until about 2 yrs. later when she started on birth control pills and they have caused some trouble. (OTC-LO). She never had any... (2 replies)
Aug 29, 2004
... for me is the weather and the fact that in the cold winter i wont want to be showing my back off anyhow. well in the end i would like to knwo if anyone has used minocycline and if it works? ... (0 replies)
... along with a topical clindamycin phosphate lotion. So I'm now going to try this route. Was wondering if others have had success being on minocycline and if you had any bad side effects? ... (2 replies)

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