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... The reason that our acne gets worse in the winter is because the winter months are much drier and more dehydrating to our skin. ... (16 replies)
Summer Acne?
Jun 17, 2006
... Well, it's summer and my acne seems to be worse than ever. ... (2 replies)
Acne in winter
Nov 26, 2008
... Winter acne could be caused by a few factors. Change in humidity, change in temperature, less sunlight exposure, or psychological factors due to the holidays. ... (2 replies)

Weather & Acne
May 1, 2001
... Does anyone notice that they have more acne in the summer? ... (10 replies)
... The last few years I have noticed a drastic change in my acne during the winter months. I live in Canada so the winters are pretty cold. during the summer, my acne is very very minimal compared to the winter months. ... (16 replies)
... if i can remember correctly last winter i had one of my major breakouts. every painful. although i believe what causes those bad breakouts in winter is because we get sick easier in the winter. for example if you catch a cold, your system fights the viruses instead of the acne. ... (5 replies)
... I'm on about week 11 of Accutane and starting to see results. My DERM said by next week or in two weeks in when it will really start to TAKE OFF and I will start to notice ALOT more good and healing on my face.. ... (12 replies)
... I am convinced that the reason we all seem to break out the most in the winter months is because during the summer months, we sweat a lot, releasing lots of bad toxins from our body. ... (16 replies)
... I have been looking and researching stuff on the internet about tanning beds and acne and stuff and I havent found one thing that says its bad for acne.... ... (12 replies)
... s regimen hasn't exactly worked out for you. But I am glad that you have seen for yourself the connection between diet and acne. I wish you the very best of luck in whatever measures you take to improve your skin. Perhaps alternative cleanses are the answer for you. ... (429 replies)
... I haven't been here in a long time. I still have acne, and it has not gotten any better. I'm still switching back and forth from one product to the other. ... (10 replies)
... ing a digestive cleanse. A digestive cleanse might be a bit much for a 19 year old to stick with, but I think just giving up sugary drinks like soda and drinking more water would help you. The high insulin levels from the sugar has some inpact on your hormones. ... (17 replies)
... My face acne looks the same in both winter and summer. ... (9 replies)
... Hey everyone!! How are all of you doing in our never ending battle with acne? ... (8 replies)
... Before you eat breakfast.Try and fit in some deep breathing exercises. You can probably find these online. This is to help you with stress as stress can be a factor to your acne. ... (13 replies)
... I had my treatment 6 years ago, and haven't had any acne since. The side effects were dryness of my hair and skin, my eyes became very dry also. ... (9 replies)
... It is easier to deal with acne as a boy than as a girl? ... (5 replies)
... At winter my skin is so dehydrated and taut because of the freezing cold... ... (5 replies)
Winter blues
Nov 1, 2001
... skin is better in winter when it's not so oily. never know. I have also known folks with dry skin and acne that were better in the hot months when they had more natural oil! I know, it's weird. ... (13 replies)
Sun and acne...
Jun 1, 2002
... I have Bacne only, but the sun works very good for me for blending in my blemishes and seems to help prevent more acne if I can consistantly get sun. Last summer I didn't use any medication and did not feel too embaressed to keep me from the beach. ... (5 replies)

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