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... a, differin, minocin, and like I wrote, accutane. murad acne complex took care of the problem for good!! It keeps my skin from breaking out and smooths it out. ... (5 replies)
Right, Here we go
Oct 13, 2005
... If that is the case, then I'd suggest Proactiv or Murad. I've had moderate success with both products and both Murad and Proactiv have body washes that could help. ... (3 replies)
... riend and an enemy telling you this works then people slam it and say no dont use it! people are all going to react differently to products, some people SWEAR by MURAD but I found it was not good FOR ME...but I think it is something that takes time to figure out how your face reacts to certain products ... ... (3 replies)

What should i..
Jun 21, 2005
... s very gentle so it won't burn or sting, and i've found that it is also fairly moisturizing, but i still needed an additional moisturizer from time to time. the murad is good, i also use aquaphor when i get chapped, esp around my mouth, jaw and cheeks. ... (5 replies)
Oct 1, 2001
... a helped a little bit after 3 months, wasn't any good in general. The last med I was on was Accutane, broke me out bad. After getting off of it, my skin cleared up drasticly. ... (6 replies)
To try Proactive?
Dec 12, 2007
... I too suffer from acne and tried proactiv with not much success but over drying. Then a derm recommended using Joesoef skin care who uses Sulfur as the active ingredient to treat Acne. Sulfur is natural and not as drying as salicylic acid or BP. I also use the DDf sulfur mask at night. Murad makes a good sulfur product but the cost of the one item from Murad is equal to the... (9 replies)
... PROACTIVE DIDNT WORK FOR ME OR SEVERAL FRIENDS...The cleanser has polishing beads to exfoliate you skin, and exfoliation is good and necessairy, especially if you have acne, but doing it twice a day every day is too often and causes irritation. Plus watch out for their lotion... ... (6 replies)
... okay, I've been using Murad for my acne and its been working great. I have no zits or pimples on my face whatsoever. The problem is, Murad didnt help with my scars at all. ... (6 replies)
... I looked at that Neutrogena kit before and wondered because I have used there face washes for a long time and Like them pretty good. right now Im using a combo Murad Acne products and neutrogena. Murad you order online and is used in day spas and stuff. ... (4 replies)
... Hey I use Murad Clarifying Cleanser. It works prettty gooood! You should search online for a bargain on the Clarifying Cleanser because it can be expensive. ... (4 replies)
... you can buy them from murad online, sephora and some spas also carry the murad line.. The body wash is just called acne body wash. They also have a clarifying body spray which I haven't gotten yet but I plan on it. ... (16 replies)
... thanks latayy, i will pick up the murad when i go shopping tonight. i didnt know murad made a tinted mousturiser. sad, is the la mer a tinted lotion? ... (13 replies)
... I had struggled with acne since i was 15 (am 20 now). Finally in January after trying every OTC from Murad's complex, proactiv, neutrogena, clean and clear stuff,........ I went to my physician for a derm's referral. he said he could treat it and gave me differin gel and a minocycline prescription. In the next 8 weeks my acne got MUCH WORSE. Disturbed by this, I went to a derm... (14 replies)
... I also had this reaction with the Murad products. Stop using it right away or it will get worse! ... (3 replies)
... ears old, and the acne started surprise! when i was 22! now i look forward to the day when i don't have to swallow a handful of pills each day to stay normal! good luck to you all. ... (96 replies)
Soothbeam Diary
Jun 24, 2004
... I have not done one yet. It appears that Trinity has not had good results from this treatment. I'm sure it has worked on some individuals because why would they have this treatment available? ... (34 replies)
... I've used the murad acne complex before and it only made be break out worse. They say it gets worse before it can get better, but it gave my face a real oily and greasy feeling. ... (2 replies)
... ucts didn't work for me. I had even tried Proactiv because I had heard so many great things about it. Unfortunately, it did nothing for me. I don't know about Murad but I'm assuming it's similar to Proactiv in that it probably just uses salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. ... (7 replies)
... You must have been doing too much. I was doing the same thing. Now I use those oil of olay cleansing cloths, murad acne management gel moisturizer, and the pure skin tablets. I have been using SAGE's MSSR hydrating mask in the morning. I do like Murad's supplements. ... (2 replies)
Christmas time
Dec 18, 2001
... Anita, even though your intent of the Proactiv advirtisement was for the better good of the people on this board, we'll forgive you for using the word Proactiv and clear in the same sentence. ... (7 replies)

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