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... e to no evail!... So... Going to the DERM. office was and still is just a waste of time... I was on meds.. etc etc that still didnt do anything but put a dent in my wallet.. And workin crappy teeny jobs didnt help... So I settled on breaking out now and then... And using things that controlled my acne..BUT NOT CURE IT... ... (3 replies)
... ciety may be loosening up on what is considered efeminate behavior. But so far, society seems to be more accepting towards men to let men look rugged with nasty acne and women are shunned if we look so raw. I guess you would disagree? ... (6 replies)
... I was just wondering if you have varying types of skin breakouts that all come to a head with puss is it some form of acne or can it be other conditions? ... (2 replies)

... worth on what works for me. I'm 31, so my advice may not be as useful to teens, but hopefully some adult sufferers out there will benefit. ... (2 replies)
... BUT IF YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC to SULFA Drugs, YOU really need to give this a try... I have been on almost everything just as many of you have to no avail.. Changed my eating habits, tried not to stress about things, took vitamin supplements etc. ... (0 replies)
Nutrition and Acne
May 29, 2006
... Im 23 and I started to get acne a few years ago. I tried lots of things, antibiotics, topical creams. Then I tried proactive and it really helped my face. I have some scars that I want to get rid of so I have been eating Fruits and vegetables, nuts and juice 8 glasses of water and Clear Pores herbal pills. ... (2 replies)
Nutrition and Acne
May 28, 2006
... severe with cysts forming all over my face. ... (2 replies)
Mar 4, 2006
... Woke up with a ton of little white heads on the sides of my mouth. ... (3 replies)
... I'm brand new to this site and am looking for some advice. My boyfriend has severe cystic acne on his back, armpits, chest and upper groin area. ... (0 replies)
... It's already started to help with the inflammation of my cystic acnes and as for an initial breakout, it's only been little whiteheads and blackheads brought to the surface. ... (5 replies)
... Last night i lay awake in bed with all sorts of thought's running through my head, i tried to figure out why i am feeling so depressed and it seems to be because im not looking my best. ... (1 replies)
Stupid pimples
Jul 8, 2005
... NE. Best thing I EVER did for myself. One month or two of side effects are worth the relief and success of beautiful, clear skin. Some people are even cleared of acne for GOOD. I mean, can you imagine? ... (11 replies)
... ng. We like to try out different things in hopes that something will be our miracle treatment. Really, we need to find something that we know doesn't cause the acne and keep that our "control" while we try one or two other products to see if they work or not. ... (4 replies)
... ook me a while to get back to ya but sometimes it feels like you are talking to a wall around here and you've gotta live your own life cuz you know that when you come back, everything will still be the same as when you left it. ... (100 replies)
... I had that same problem. Every topical the derm gave me seemed to really irritate my skin so I just couldn't use them. I had to use a much more mild wash for my skin because I have sensitive skin. My skin reacts to everything soaps, detergents, topicals. I also have severe cystic acne. ... (16 replies)
... my mom started me to dermo at 14 and thus this is the one doc i have consistently seen throughout my life. ... (19 replies)
... I am sooo glad I came across this topic here! sorry for my long post! ... (80 replies)
... Hey everyone!! New chick on the block. I just wanted to give some of my insight and advice on Acne. ... (2 replies)
... times a day. My back has started to steadily get worse in the last few months and I am to the point now where I WILL NOT take off my shirt. ... (2 replies)
... i do feel, from personal experience, that lifting has a negative effect on acne. i've read that this can be balanced out by cardio exercise. the role of cardio i'm not too clear on. ... (8 replies)

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