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... you feel you cant cocoon them forever, they have to go into the world but I am scared of the teenage years for sure and for my daughter and the whle having sex and drinking and etc etc.... ... (30 replies)
... I feel your pain! I'm 32 and my skin also had cleared up with birth control all through my twenties. I had to switch due to cost reasons around age 30 and within a year I had the worst skin I've ever had in my entire life. ... (24 replies)
... Well, you seem to be doing everything right in my books. Just exactly how I have said it. ... (7 replies)

My accutane kit
Jul 1, 2006
... I was a former accutane user. First off if I were you I would get off it. It is a waste of time and damages your body. You maybe acne free for a while but trust me a couple years later it will all come back. It is your body way of going back to the way it is. ... (4 replies)
... can you please tell me wich vitamins you use???? i couldn find One Source Advanced Formula vitamins (6 replies)
... I started taking Nature's Cure and 75,000 IU's of vitamin A at the same time and I immediately started to see a reduction in my neck acne that had been persistent for a very long time. Things got gradually better over the next 6 months, but only a little. ... (6 replies)
... I couldn't of said it any better myself. Very nice post (47 replies)
... First, I agree that tanning has its risks. ... (47 replies)
... the acne will come back because your hormones are going crazy. Trust me this is what happened to me. You are back on the pill but your body has become immune to that pill or it is not controlling your acne as well. ... (2 replies)
... what is the name of skin care you're using now? it's not proactive is it? that did not work for me.... (16 replies)
... i have had acne for about 9 years now. i know exactly how you feel about being the only one to suffer from bad skin. all my friends too have gorgeous skin and it drives me crazy! ... (16 replies)
... p Diseases today, lifestyle diseases such as obesity, colon cancer, heart disease, were not on the top or weren't even on the list 100 years ago. What killed us back then were viruses, bacterial diseases, or nutrient defficiencies, what's killing us now are mainly environmentally induced also, BUT due to our lifestyles. ... (100 replies)
... in to go down. personally, i have been on 4 courses of accutane and now any cut or pimple takes forever to heal. slowly now, i have been trying to restrenghten my liver by doing all kinds of liver flushing, fasting, and taking probiotics. ... (9 replies)
... It cleared me up completely and people often complemented me on my "baby skin." Life was beautiful! ... (11 replies)
... When I took doxycycline, my acne only got worse. It was always just on the surface before until I took this stuff a year ago. Now it's out of control and has been that way ever since. ... (8 replies)
... i had moderate to severe cystic acne for years.. like you i tried everything.. Proactiv worked for about a year for my brother.. ... (13 replies)
... I did it to control my acne. I had 7 sessions, and it helped my acne I had clear up and my red marks "erased" to really really faint. ... (2 replies)
To jenguard82
Nov 13, 2003
... i have read that with accutane, the acne can come back and most likely won't work for hormonal type acne. i'm also real afraid of the side effects so the spiro was my last choice before the accutane. ... (4 replies)
... I had severe acne for about 10 years, starting when I was about 11. I endured a lot of heartbreak and some teasing and it ruined my self esteem as well as making me feel very self conscious. I tried many things... ... (71 replies)
... The severity of your acne is very similar to mine. I only have maybe 3 active pimples on my face, but the red marks make it look much worse than it really is. I also have "good" weeks and "bad" weeks. ... (9 replies)

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