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... months then came back up, but on thwe other side! WHat is weird is that my acne has been sooooo bad on my neck, and I had no cysts or enlarged nodes. ... (3 replies)
... I've been taking this BCP called Yaz for exactly one week now. It's suppose to clear up my acne but so far I don't think it's really done anything. ... (2 replies)
... I had really bad acne when I was in high school, I still have a lot of scarring. I tried everything back then short of accutane. ... (2 replies)

... I was put on prednisone for another aliment, but it has cleared up my neck and jawline quite well. ... (3 replies)
... esteem gets, I do take my makeup off in front of my husband. I wouldn't necessarily call it "trust." I think that I just got tired of hiding behind makeup at night. ... (19 replies)
Cystic Acne
Jul 13, 2011
... ust dabbed a bit of moisturiser on when necessary, those were the only side effects I had during a 6 month course as mine was a pretty bad case. By the end of it my face was crystal clear, and so was my back and chest. ... (12 replies)
... months now. I have had a couple of zits on my chin and nose. They were small and cleared pretty quickly. I was alarmed. But I am still staying clear at this point. ... (250 replies)
... hey!!! the only way that i cleared up my acne after having it for 3 years was by changing my diet! There are VERY few foos that i eat.. i dont want the acne to come back!! ... (55 replies)
... Here an example of how acne complicates my life. I was at the gym today and saw two really hot girls there. ... (26 replies)
... You may have a dairy allergy like I used to. I would break out on my face and SCALP. Quit drinking milk and eating all dairy products and my acne has cleared up and has not come back. Give it a shot. Its a lot healthier than the medication alternatives. ... (6 replies)
... t took Roaccutane a good 20 odd years ago, the side effects were not good. Very bad dry skin which seemed to bleed a lot. The worst part was like your derm said, my face seemed to be nearly totally covered in spots. My skin certainly did get worse. ... (4 replies)
... neric form. It definetley helped me but I didn't know how good an idea to take an antibiotic long term was, so I asked for Accutane. I had great results, but the acne came back again after my course of it. They say it is more likely to come back when it is hormone related. ... (8 replies)
... my acne has become a pure result of my tons and tons of blackheads. It's given that any single day I could count 200 black heads on my face. it's disgusting, and terrible. ... (5 replies)
Accutane Journal
Mar 8, 2005
... I am verry pleased with how this has worked. I am shocked that I am almost at month 5. This has gone so unbelievably fast. ... (672 replies)
... well i took accutane and it worked for about 10 months and in those 8 months my face looked good and i felt like a new person. ... (6 replies)
... Uhhh...that's only true if the oil DOESN'T come back. ... (9 replies)
... I was on Diane 35 for 6 months too, but have switched to accutane for various reasons. One reason was because according to my doc, the diane does not change your hormonal acne pattern indefinately, and she says it will come back.. along with oily skin etc. ... (6 replies)
... I started seeing results in the first couple of weeks. My pimples were drying up and my previous red spots started to fade out. I didnt have much of an initial breakout, just a few new pimples. ... (2 replies)
... Will my acne isnt bad enough to go on accutane, I really only get breakouts in my chin area..sometimes on the forehead and mustache I think there are too many risks involved with it. It is my last resort.. ... (9 replies)
Jul 14, 2003
... my doc also prescribed me on doxycycline but, i've already stopped it. I'm afraid if my acne would come back. what's your findings? ... (7 replies)

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