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... how bad was your acne before starting Accutane? ... (36 replies)
... A for pretty severe cystic acne on both of my cheeks for about a year. It took a long time for it to work but over time it worked out all of the pimples and eventually my skin was smooth again even though I still had red marks which lasted for awhile. ... (5 replies)
... Yeah, if there is one thing I've realized, it's that everyone here has acne for different reasons. I don't know what my reason is? ... (7 replies)

... I am so glad that so many of you have had luck with Yasmin, but I feel the need to let you guys in on this, not because I want to scare anyone or rain on your parade, but because I know how hopeless it can feel when something does not work. ... (27 replies)
... My face is the exact same, my left side is clearing real good, even the scares are fading. But on my right side i have like 5 red buggers. ... (8 replies)
... guess I do want it to work right away, but I've been using it for 1 month tomorrow and I literally look like a burn victim. I am completely red and now breaking out from the irritation I think. It seems I can't win. My face is red and it looks indented everywhere...not just from acne but from being dehydrated. ... (18 replies)
... when your leaving your class and some punk kid walking pass you says to his girlfriend,"That is the ugliest guy I have ever seen! ... (15 replies)
... Bahamagirl, you were only on Accutane a month and your derm told you to stop because it wasn't working? ... (4 replies)
... Hey all! Im on accutane.. or the Generic version called Claravis. Its working great for me!! Im a 23 yr old female and had a ance prob sinse high school but it didnt start getting kinda bad till I was 21. Im on day 115. ... (216 replies)
I feel ugly
Dec 25, 2004
... Hi again, Laura... I replied to one of your posts about the first facial and gave some advice. As far as the facial itself goes..Did you at least enjoy it? ... (4 replies)
It's Now or Never!
Jun 11, 2004
... When I said "disregard it" I hope everyone understood that I was referring to disregarding my post and not to disregarding cleansing, lol! Sorry I should have structured that sentence better, I will put a little EDIT footnote on that post. ... (342 replies)
Nov 10, 2003
... Yeah, I have never been truly happy with the Cetaphil. I started using it when I started to get mild acne when this whole thing started and just never replaced it with anything better. Perhaps it is time. ... (11 replies)
... alright, ive tried both, im an athlete and everything so you mostly have to be built and big, before the april i ate anything i wanted i brokeout not that bad but its life, then in april i had a terrible breakout, after that i didnt eat barely anything, breakfast, lunch, supper, then all i ate in between was broccoli, i lost 30 pounds in the spand of 2 months not even, so it... (15 replies)
... You sound excited to be increasing your dose of the spiro to 200mg. I hope it works for you. I thought it was a miracle at one time. ... (3 replies)
... i have just started using this new stuff klear action and i thought it was working and everything i woke up today and both sides of my cheeks were broke out in those little bumps. ... (6 replies)
... Well, I can definitley tell you from experience that topicals can sometimes do more harm than good. Topicals always made my skin look much worse than it really was. I have tried benzamycin, cleocin, differin, and metrolotion. My face was constantly breaking out and very red. ... (1 replies)
... After 2 weeks of waiting, I finally received my Sage today! ... (0 replies)
... This post is for all of you older people out there that may be going through the same thing as me. I've finally made some progress in my struggle with this crappy affliction and hope to speed up somebody else's search for a "cure" with this post. ... (2 replies)
... I started taking fish oil about 4 years ago to try to clear up my acne. I was very lucky because the first bottle I bought did the trick. At first I noticed that a sticky substance was coming out of my pores but my skin started to clear up soon after that. ... (26 replies)
Mineral Makeup
May 21, 2006
... I don't think there's anything in it that's actually good for your skin.. as in, wearing it isn't going to miraculously cure all of our skin problems simply because most of our issues aren't just from makeup alone. It goes deeper than that. ... (26 replies)

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