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... I have oily skin, and I would recommend no more then twice a day. I really find that the more I wash mine, the more oily it gets. ... (8 replies)
... My face has allways looked terrible, pimples everywhere. And I don't think they are "normal" pimples, because they come up from under my skin and are filled with puss, its almost like they are valcano's coming up to the surface, and when the arrupt, its gross. ... (3 replies)
... Is it that bad to wash my face 3 times a day. Even if I am using a very gentle cleanser? ... (3 replies)

B5 + Vitamins
Aug 8, 2004
... Oh b5 won't eliminate your acne so much from what I heard. What it does is targets your oil. My face gets so oily its gross. Pretty much after an hour after I wash it is oily. When I wake it my forhead sparkles. ... (19 replies)
... If you're not and your face still gets red a lot, it could be rosacea. ... (1 replies)
... After accutane my face gets so red easily.. and I even use like mineral foundation on my face to cover it, but my nose gets oily and then gets red.. so the make up comes off.. Is there any good concealer .. ... (1 replies)
... my face look a lot clearer and all, but its just oily as hell. it gets oily every like 2 hours. ... (0 replies)
... OTC Lo can help acne. It doesn't help every woman, but no pill does. Just because other woman have had bad experiences doesn't mean that you will. Also, you need to realize that people post more about their negative experiences than their positive experiences. There is no reason not to "trust the Lo stuff." It's just as effective as regular OTC. Give it a honest try... (3 replies)
... lo ive only taken it 2 days..i was reading through some old posts about it and looking things up online and ive heard not one good thing about it related to acne so im freaking out. ... (3 replies)
... Its 34 degrees here today, and I am pooped. I had to work, and was in the sun for about 2hrs on and off. Will the sun make my skin redder? ... (5 replies)
... I recently upped my dosage of b5 from 2g's to 5. I have noticed that my face is less oily now. Can b5 at first make your face real oily? ... (5 replies)
... m very prone to whiteheads and blackheads and small papules. I've been on Accutane 3 times as well as numerous other topical and oral antibiotics. Acne runs in my family. My dad is now 65 and still gets acne... ... (1 replies)
... He gets 8 ounces of milk 2 times a day with his protein shakes.....and his skin was always good.... ... (17 replies)
Oily skin
May 12, 2002
... I have the same problem. But i started to use pure aloe vera gel on my whole face. My oil is also returning since accutane and if I use oil free moisturizers my face gets greasy and tends to break out. I'm washing once a day in the a.m. and using aloe vera gel. It dries my face out a little though... ... (11 replies)
... I live in CA and all the potties have cover sheets in the stalls. I usually grab one and blot my face with it when I am at work. They work like the little blotting sheets but are free. I also do carry blotting papers in my purse. Yeah, 55, and still oily! ... (11 replies)
... I've been a lurker on this board for several years now, and I know that there are several of you out there who have oily skin like I do. I just wanted to share something that's really been working well for me. ... (0 replies)
... ship. But I did, and now i'm here. And you have no idea how happy I am to be writing this. BEfore I found this site I really thought no one else felt like I did. So pull up a chair and sit on the floor, cause heres my story.. ... (14 replies)
... I hope you donít mind if I ask you a question as a physician. My daughterís doctor sometimes will give her a prescription for 10 mg of prednisone to take for 5 days before special events where she wants to be clear. This will take flare-ups down very quickly. Can you tell me how often that can be repeated safely? Can she do that once per month or is that too much? (17 replies)
... unds like he suffers from cystic acne, like I did when I was his age. It is not very nice and extremely socially debilitating. I went into a shell because I felt so ugly. So give him the best support you can and help him remain confident. ... (17 replies)
... ary and it's helped me. i have a mild case, i guess, still getting zits at 25, fun stuff. but anyways, i use it in the morning and at night. if i have to wash my face more i use "real purity" cleanser by Philosophy. it's kind of like cetaphil but seems to clean my face better. ... (1 replies)

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