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... No, not cystic.Just small bumps under the skin that come up and turn to white heads but I hate the time waiting for it to come up! ... (5 replies)
Questions on B5
Feb 7, 2001
... B5 fan, I'd be happy to respond. I've been on it for over 2 months and my face has NEVER been clear like it is now. I'm 27 and have tried every lame acne "cure" to come down the road, and wasted way too much know the drill. ... (9 replies)
Jojoba and misery
Apr 28, 2003
... Hi,I just posted a couple weeks ago or so on the skin board and was asking marti or anyone about the breakouts and little bumps showing up.I was freaking out because my acne has been under control for awhile and all of a sudden I started breaking out. ... (17 replies)

... months on Accutate. No dry skin , just a lillte bit dried lips, still pimples. My back and chest cleared up not not my face. ... (1 replies)
... So are you under a doctor's care for the spiro? ... (15 replies)
... which wasn't as easy as it sounds and has left tiny scars. So i wouldn't recomend that. What seems to have worked on the rest is a good face scrub. I use a Clinique For Men scrub a couple of times a week and i love it. My skin feels great. ... (14 replies)
... benzoyl peroxide on my cheeks. My cheeks got SUPER dry and irritated so I eventually stop putting on the BP and the red bumps went away. I also stopped using the cleansers because they were drying out my skin. ... (10 replies)
... e to workload, etc, etc. Some time ago, I guess in the early summer, I started following the Acne Cure program. Bought the book and all on the recommendation of my sister. At first I was sort of on again, off again with following the program to a tee, because of work related travel mostly. ... (0 replies)
Acne Cure update!
Jun 29, 2003
... like, painful pimples forming every week or so... I had acne on almost every part of my face, though besides the aforementioned variety, most of it was "under the surface" red spots, very weird. Anyways, it has been 2. ... (1 replies)
Good morning M
Jun 21, 2003
... That says it has Sodium Laureth sulfate. Personally, I wouldn't use it, but my skin is so messed up that I'm afraid to try anything else new. ... (10 replies)
... Okay maybe I made a mistake. I went in to get my acne consulted and this lady, I believe, was licensed. However, once we got the program started, her assistants preceded to work on my face instead of her. ... (4 replies)
... big would be more helpful to state what type of skin you have this way people with similar skin as you can go try the product...I for example have oily skin I have moderate acne..I get all white heads never any cysts just whiteheads... ... (10 replies)
... depression, anemia, general fatigue that my primary doctor can't explain.... ... (1 replies)
... this is my first time using a topical retinoid consistently. ... (15 replies)
... If you think there is a definite determinant to your acne, you may want to read my story. ... (21 replies)
Adult acne!
Aug 27, 2013
... It can range from black heads, small whiteheads, huge cysts, really painful bumps, white small spots under the skin. ... (3 replies)
... Milia are deep seeded white bumps that form when skin cells become trapped rather than exfoliate naturally. ... (2 replies)
... I need your help! Okay, today my skin was PERFECT. ... (5 replies)
... razor bumps that turn into zits when I shave 4 a long time ... I finally am starting to get it under control... ... (2 replies)
Jul 3, 2002
... I use to post here under a different name a year ago, but I've misplaced the password in the file of my black hole. ... (1 replies)

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