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... book I purchased, one hindrance to a good working liver are mycotoxins produced by parasites or yeast? ... (0 replies)
... and it cleared all those severe HUGE pimples and all that nasty stuff..if u wana see wat that kind of acne looks llike, u can g 0 0 g l e it on IMAGES and it should show a few pics....anyways... ... (4 replies)
... I can see both sides as well on this one, and because it takes two weeks for acne to form it might be that long before you know wether or not it would aggravate your acne. ... (216 replies)

... I wanted to start this thread for people that suffer from cystic acne. It is very diffrent than the acne most people suffer from, I get a little frustrated wondering if the people posting have the same kind of acne I do or maybe just break out once a month, or maybe going through puberty. ... (96 replies)
... at what age did you start getting acne and how bad was it? ... (14 replies)
To Earlman
Jan 18, 2005
... Can you explain your experience with accutane? How long and what dosage? (6 replies)
To Earlman
Jan 18, 2005
... I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I'm male and I'm almost 27 and have had acne since 14. My acne today is much milder than it used to be. However, it is still very embarrassing to me. ... (6 replies)
... why kind of acne did you have. Ive read sooo many articles on here that its just fine to take antibiotics for acne. That some people do see some side effects but as far as you building and permanently resistance and bacteria that is resistant and so on that its not true.. ... (5 replies)
... You know one would think that exercise would give you benefits not negative side effects such as acne. I know I tried to test out supplements as the cause for my acne but to no avail ... I still have acne. ... (32 replies)
Acne from shaving?
Oct 15, 2004
... I just started shaving and I have been noticng some acne growing on my neck and chin. The acne becomes very itchy, and it only goes away once the hair grows back a little bit. Is this a common problem for shavers, new or experienced? ... (5 replies)
... my diet is terrible. like i am known among my friends for eating the most and im not exactly a healthy eater. i eat what i enjoy eating and never ever thought of any consequences because ive always been very skinny. ... (98 replies)
... Anna, I have always been told the same things.... but unfortunately they were never true. I am 26 and did not "grow out of" acne. ... (5 replies)
... It is very unfortunate that you have suffered from hair loss. ... (10 replies)
... from very severe body acne and moderate on the face. the last 5 years i have had tons of acne on my back, chest, shoulders... all is the kind with the huge red cysts. ... (10 replies)
... I wanted to tell everyone that I have read that Desitin diaper rash cream has completely cleared up some people's acne. Apparently the high level of zinc oxide in the cream speeds up healing. ... (1 replies)
... do I have an acne history!! ... (3 replies)
... Open your eyes!! SOO many people have acne nowadays its very easy to overlook. I counted in my english class the other day... and 10 out of the 16 people in the class had some kind of acne. 2 more had had it before. We're not alone. ... (26 replies)
... the opposite is also true. That is, we often don't give others a chance because we hold back so much because of our acne. I do it all the time and often think how different my life would have been without this. ... (4 replies)
Dec 19, 2000
... Sorry, I've been busy dealing with life, so I haven't had much time to post. But I'l try my best to answer the questions. ... (78 replies)
... hell for me. I am studying abroad this semester in Argentina and experienced my first cyst on the plane ride over, and it has been downhill ever since. ... (0 replies)

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