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... the proactive was working great actually, i was really happy with the way my skin was clearing. especially the vanishing of my blackheads! it's just this dryness that is troublesome. i have tried aveeno in the past and it made me break out badly! ... (10 replies)
... Hi. I don't know the "right" way to use Proactive but I thought it might help if I shared my routine. ... (12 replies)
... e an idiot I plucked alot of hairs with tweezers.This made the problem worse since alot of the hairs came back in under the skin. To combat the problem I ordered Proactive Solution. ... (6 replies)

... don't use proactive, the majority of users on these boards will tell you this, very small amount of people have success with the product...i suggest switching to aveeno, it's an all natural brand that will help with your skin's sudden dryness, try skin brightening exfoliator by aveeno, then follow with one of their moisturizers, it will help your skin glow and cuts the... (10 replies)
... i had only been using proactive for about four days and it dried out my face SO bad!!! it was starting to hurt, and flake, but there was no redness. ... (10 replies)
... redness and intense dryness of the skin. ... (1 replies)
... ally gotten so bad that I had to order Proactive, which seems to be working, but my dry skin doesn't like it that much. Is there anyway I can continue to use the Proactive so it is effective, but get rid of this tight, dry feeling in my skin? ... (1 replies)
... Hi there, I am an adult woman who suffers with occasional pimples and son uses Proactive and it works great for him. However, I had some breakouts the other day and used his proactive for the first time. ... (8 replies)
... I have never used ProActive and do not intend to either. ... (6 replies)
... I also use proactive and experience some dryness. ... (6 replies)
... I've just recieved my first order of Triclear, but I haven't used it yet. I'm rather upset with the company, but that's another matter altogether. One bit of advice.. don't give them your credit card number. As a user of ProActiv, I can say that it hasn't given my any facial issues other than dryness, and that passed in about a week. It has actually cleared up the... (2 replies)
Aug 15, 2006
... I am a proactive user, I don't use it every day but every other day just to avoid redness or dryness etc., So far it has worked for me wonderfully, I think if you use it you'll have good results. ... (15 replies)
... I tried Proactiv and at first it worked really well. I could feel it clearing up a lot of zits. However, after a few weeks I noticed it was really starting to dry out my face. My face would be in pain every time I used it and it was peeling all over. The only way to relieve it was to slather on moisturizer, which still couldn't completely eliminate the dryness. I thought... (2 replies)
... Hi there, I tried Proactive for a few months with abslutley no luck in clearing up my acne. It did cause a lot of dryness and itching, but no change in my acne! ... (7 replies)
Proactive Users
Apr 13, 2002
... i've never posted here before, but just wanted to add to this post. i have been using proactive for about a month or so, and my skin is pretty much clear now. i only had mild acne, but it was enough to really bother me. ... (6 replies)
Proactive Users
Apr 13, 2002
... mostly just dryness and some redness for the first few weeks or so. A good moisturizer will really help with the dryness. ... (6 replies)
... airing lotion is benzoyl peroxide so whatever effects of that would be the same. All the other ingredients in it are same as any cleanser or moisturizer. I guess dryness could be a factor, and however else bp effects your skin. ... (6 replies)
Dec 5, 2004
... bout done 11th grade my skin was almost all clear , a few red spots but did not bother me. Over the summer my skin broke out even worse and i started using that proactive stuff and that just hurt my face even more. I mean my face got red and i had white heads everywhere and i grew large lumps on both sides of chins. ... (0 replies)
... I'm on my school break right now so I dont mind the dryness to my skin. I dont use the cleanser because it is harsh for my skin. I use Neutrogena soap instead. ... (18 replies)
Proactive question
Jan 25, 2004
... Have you tried a liver healing diet regime? something like prometheus suggeste,d your acne may be related to your food intake, or vitamin deffiencies etc, i suggest taking B5 yes, and hair loss isnt always a side effect if taking in reasonable dosages, anyway, here are a list of good over the counter products that i found worked for me when i used topicals when i had acne, ... (5 replies)

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