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... tain foods again! However, one must continue a mantenance program if they plan on continuing to eat certain foods. The various toxins will build right up and acne will appear again, which is a sign that it's time for you to do another liver flush and associated cleansing protocol. ... (429 replies)
... Trudeau's book on Natural Cures and although some think he's a quack or charlatan he says an awful lot about toxic colons being the root of all disease including acne and says so much about colon cleansing that I became a believer. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing. ... (429 replies)
... roat from ingesting this extra fibre. However, I am a big water drinker. I think the warning is a precautionary measure taken by the company, more than anything. Psyllium expands up to fifty times its dry volume upon contact with fluid. ... (429 replies)

... Hi, I've never posted on this thread before, but in fact I've been onactivated charcoal and psyllium husk for 2 months now. ... (429 replies)
... grams of Psyllium a day seems quite low. I've read from some various websites that the recommended daily intake is at least 10 grams. ... (429 replies)
... initial intake of psyllium husks can cause diarrhea, gas, etc. ... (429 replies)
... I'm trying to make sure all of my supplements run out at the same time. I have 180 Psyllium Husk Capsules, and 90 Activated Charcoal and Probiotic Capsules. So I wanna take twice as many Psyllium Husk Capsules as everything else. ... (429 replies)
... Psyllium Husks are a source of soluble fibre derived from the plant Fleawort, most commonly grown in India. Psyllium swells and forms a viscous gel when exposed to water. ... (429 replies)
... I'm 17 and have Acne, I'm willing to give this a try as I'm quite desprate to get rid of acne. I have already bought Psyllium Husks 500mg, Activated Charcoal 260mg and will get some Yakult from the supermarket tommorow. ... (429 replies)
... EV, thanks for the thread. i read all the posts, went to gnc and bought the psyllium seed husk and the activated charcoal. ... (429 replies)
... t it is the ongoing fiber supplements that is really helping people with their acne. One of the posters that said this sent a link to a study on diabetics using psyllium husk capsules before meals to lower their blood sugar. And if you look at glycemic indexes of foods. ... (80 replies)
... Would it be alright if I took one pill of Psyllium Husks with Acidophilus at 880 mg instead of two at 500 mg? ... (429 replies)
... i would suggest you hang in there soupyhead. i noticed my improvements on the first and a half month (6 weeks). now im almost on my second month and i breakout very, very rarely (knock on wood) :angel: which is very new to me. :bouncing: to all who's using this regimen, i would suggest making a judgement on your second month (except if you're experiencing any bad side... (429 replies)
... breaking out on my forehead bad... i thought it was because i was constipated but then it cleared up but i'm still breaking out on my forehead.. i was taking the psyllium husk and the charcoal every day for about 3 weeks but i stopped because i thought it was causing it! but i still am breaking out on my forehead and its worse! ... (429 replies)
... warned me to only use a teaspoon of the Sonne Psyllium husks in the very beginning. She said psyllium husks can really bloat your stomach up, and .. depending on the person... ... (429 replies)
... Ok, On Friday I received my Holland & Barret Products, so from saturday morning to sunday morning I fasted, and I'm glad I didn't suffer any of the side effects i have read about in this thread, but I think that my toxic buildup isn't as bad, I have been regular in my bowel movements for a few months now and nothing has changed in that department. I took 4 x Psyllium Husk and... (429 replies)
... On the Psyllium and Activated Charcoal? ... (429 replies)
... ErimusValidus I'm nearly finished my month on Total Detox and I was wondering what you eat while your taking Activated Charcoal and Psyllium Husk Capsules. ... (429 replies)
... wait im a little bit confused, so you mean take 2x psyllium husks 500mg and 1x activated charcoal 260mg for lunch and another one for dinner? ... (429 replies)
... I have some powdered psyllium husks laying around and I remember trying to take it before, but the texture was too gross in water. ... (429 replies)

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