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... hey again for another i think its been almost a month now since i've been on this Digestive cleanses. I've been taking the psyllium husks, the activated charcoal, the yakult, everyday now. I dunno. I still feel like i'm getting the usually new pimples every two days or so. ... (429 replies)
... I'm highly considering trying this because I've had acne for about 10 years and I've developed many digestive problems. ... (429 replies)
... how was your acne like before you took on this regimen? ... (429 replies)

... ffected by the regimen which consists of water soluble ingredients. But I'm no expert! And I personally think it is always best to isolate possible solutions for acne in order to be sure whether one thing works or not. ... (429 replies)
... fruit and root vegetables which are full of nutrients which are best absorbed in the presence of fibre. The benefit of Psyllium Husks is that they are a soluble source of fibre and, as such, expand in your digestive system to greater aid digestion. ... (429 replies)
... I eat alot of salads and I dont take any supplements except the Activated Charcoal and Psyllium Husk, To be honest I have tried most of the herbs your talking about and they didn't help me one bit, as soon as I stopped taking them I broke out. ... (429 replies)
... soupyhead, I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going so well for you. The thing is, Psyllium Husks swell up to fifty times their original size in order to absorb toxins. ... (429 replies)
... ErimusValidus I can usually last about 8 weeks on my raw diet, then I have to eat something in the form of carbohydrates, its usually a sandwhich (BLT). But I notice after eating carbs I'm craving for sugar, so I basically stick to my raw diet which consists of :- Advocado, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Spring Onions, Mixed lettuce, Olive Oil, Carrots, Celery and I mostly eat about... (429 replies)
... am glad to have provided some hope for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy the same success I have. In the past I have experimented with my diet and realised that my acne is directly related to my sugar intake. ... (429 replies)
... I totally agree with everything you have said, I have done the psyllium and Bentonite shakes on and off for the last 2 months, and my acne is nearly clear, which is just on my back and legs now, face is looking good. ... (429 replies)
... its strange because for me diet and acne WAS connected, carbs would make me break out like crazy.. but while taking certain things it would eliminate this carb threat.. ... (16 replies)
... I'm not one to take medication, but I saw somewhere in that thread that there was a natural alternative to Zantac. Something "Seed", can't remember. (7 replies)
... so it appears that the zantac stops high histamine levels which causes acne in people like us. ... (7 replies)
... Hey turtle girl, i have a theory that ppl with bowel problems have acne because of it. I'm going to begin a bowel cleanse because i've heard a lot of success stories on this board. ... (20 replies)
... when you're not worried about acne at the same time. LOL. am i correct? ... (429 replies)
... Hello All, Finally finished my perscription and started this cleanse four days ago. Unlike most people i noticed absoloutly no change in my bowel movements, I am 20 years old, have the worst eating habits you can imagine, pretty bad acne and also only have 2-3 bowel movements a week so i thought i would benifit from this. I noticed absoloutly nothing different since i... (429 replies)
... @AznHisoka, would just like to thank you for mentioning liver flushing, I tried the colon cleanse for 10 weeks, acne cleared alot, but didn't dissapear, so then I realized that maybe I need to flush my liver, so I searched for a regimem, and I found one I could do everyday which didn't contain Epsom salts, that stuff makes me vomit. Lemon & Olive oil drink Flush and... (429 replies)
... I took Psyllium and Activated Charcoal for 10 weeks and drank 1 yakult everyday, but I noticed I started getting hives on my arms, which I have worked out is the yakult. ... (429 replies)
... In our case, acne is the signal. Whether it's hormones or bad diet, that's for us to find out. ... (429 replies)
... This post has given me alot of hope of maybe getting truely clear skin. I've beaten 90% of my acne with a clean diet, but that last 10% has been driving me crazy. Its like a plateau of trying to clear your skin, rather than losing weight. I'd looked into liver flushes, but to be honest, they scare the hell out of me. I've had activated charcoal just sitting in my bathroom for... (429 replies)

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