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... Is it ok to mix Psyllium Husk powder and the Activated Charcoal into water and drink the liquid instead? ... (429 replies)
... Yeah, I take 2 tablespoons of psyllium husk in the powdered version, not capsules. ... (429 replies)
... Sun? You ought to shield your face from the UV radiation. Be it winter, autumn - sun does much damage to your skin. Maybe you touch your face? Or maybe it's the dirt or anything else from your hair? As for me, after a week I do see improvements, but today was full of sins... Chocolate bar, white pasta, white bread... :rolleyes: I love my retinoid+zinc cream. :) (429 replies)

... arghh i'm still getting pimples only on my forehead since doing this.. i'm taking psyllium and charcoal and acidiphilous 3x a day.. ... (429 replies)
... I got my package of ParaStroy today in the mail, and I'll start using it + psyllium seeds. It already has bentonite clay in it, as well as an assortment of other things. So far I haven't seen anything terribly unusual with my bm, so maybe this will help flush some things out. (429 replies)
... toocool. I am doing a colon cleanse without the activated charcol. I take an herbal suppliment for getting rid of parasites, than 20 min later, I use 1 tablespoon of DrNatura intestinal cleanser mixed with water. At night I drink a detox tea. The cleanser has psyllium husks, flax seeds, fennel seed, licorice root, aloe vera, grapefruit extract, papaya fruit, slippery elm bark,... (429 replies)
... ill also adsorb vitamins and nutrients in addition to toxins. So i'm just wondering, how many people have cleared up with this regemine of activated charcoal and psyllium husk seeds? ... (429 replies)
... And congratulations on your progress. I just started mine, when the mailman came with my psyllium capsules. I already drank 8 glasses of water trying to swallow them, holy crap, swallowing a charcoal tablet takes a lot out of you. ... (429 replies)
... You know Techni, you could try drinking and eating foods with isoflavones in them, such as soy milk, tofu, soy sauce, ect. It'd counterbalance out extra testosterone/androgens. There's also teas out there for menopausal women that can help if thats what you truly think your problem is. If worse comes to worse, go see your gyno and tell them you think you're out of whack and... (429 replies)
... c0nfused, I don't really know how important the probiotics are. I carry on taking all three components of my regimen because things have been going so well. But whether or not it's entirely necessary is unclear to me. Probiotics generally come in liquid form (as opposed to powder/capsules etc.) and are found easiest in a supermarket. GNC may have some - ask the assistant! ... (429 replies)
... hey guys i bought acidiphilious or however you spell it a few days ago and have been taking 1 a day with the psyllium and charcoal.. i'm sure it cant hurt.. ... (429 replies)
... I did the cleanse almost 2 weeks ago and have only been taking the psyllium husks and activated charcoal daily. Do you recommend that I get the probiotics? ... (429 replies)
... Gross, psyllium turns into some gel when exposed to water... it looks disgusting. ... (429 replies)
... hey guys can i take probiotics while i'm taking the psyllium and charcoal? ... (429 replies)
... i made another post but in case you dont read it.. i'm going to take 1000mg psyllium and 500 charcoal 3x a day 2 hours after a meal.. it was recommended on a website.. seems you really cant take too much of this stuff.. ... (429 replies)
... yup! i didn't do the fasting and i always forget to drink the yakult during night time. so the psyllium husks and the activated charcoal alone did it to me. ... (429 replies)
... hey anonymous, are you taking just psyllium and charcoal or something else? ... (429 replies)
... from taking the psyllium and charcoal, hopefully will return to normal soon. ... (429 replies)
... Sossy. I am also getting constipated while taking the psyllium. (I'm doing Dr Natura's cleanse). I only had 1 bm today (3 a day was normal before I started taking this stuff). I don't even want to eat anything because I feel so full and bloated. I am going to stick with it, hopefully tomorrow will be the turning point! (429 replies)
... sty looking stool because ive never done this before and i had a bad lifestyle before, minimal exercise and lots of junk food. also, should i still be taking 2x psyllium husks, and 1x activated charcoal? ... (429 replies)

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