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... Hi guys, littledaga and anonymous, its great news you are having success. Is there anybody out there who is having good results using Activated Charcoal and Psyllium? I love hearing success stories so please post if you're doing well on it? There must be more than 2 people who have started this program from EV. (429 replies)
... Hmm, did someone say it was possible for the body to become dependent on psyllium? (429 replies)
... I've bought the Activated Charcoal Capsules, Psyllium Husks and Yakult.. ... (429 replies)

... okay I've taken the psyllium husk powder and the pills, fasted, drank lots of water and nothing is coming out!!! ... (429 replies)
... erimus, do u use all of the stuff at the same time? psyllium,charcoal u use it at the same one one after another or do u wait between takin each one of them? ty (429 replies)
... I've been taking the Charcoal and the Psyllium Husks for about a week and my skin was looking good for about 2 days and then today its back to its old self. ... (429 replies)
... dd to this. dfwgoodguy says to wait until after you cleanse to take the probiotic, does this mean for the first 2 days or so take only the activated charcoal and Psyllium Husks while fasting and after that take those two twice a dayand the probiotic once at the end of the day. Is this the best way to get started? ... (429 replies)
... Hey i got the psyllium husk and actived charcoal.. but i couldnt find the Yakult.. should i got ahead and proceed with it even without the yakult? ... (429 replies)
... Back with a follow up, I have now found a source for Lactobacillus casei. The name of the company and product is BioK+ (plus). A quick run down of this product is, it contains "50 billion" cells with strains of Lb. acidophilus & Lb. casei. They have a regular drink, flavoured drink, and dairy free drink as well as capsules. The price I do not know yet as I just happened to... (429 replies)
... You're very welcome, xismybaby :) Psyllium comes from the plant Fleawort (in this case, the husks obviously). And I think you will get some benefit from the it when used in conjuction with the Activated Charcoal. But a probiotic will go further to cleansing your system. (429 replies)
... If I use both the Charcoal and the Psyllium husks will I still need to purchase the other ingredients, or do you think these two will do the trick? ... (429 replies)
... Wow, so many posts added since I last checked in. Sorry to take a little while to reply but I had a monster weekend at Global Gathering - 16 hours pure dance nirvana :cool: Just had to boast about that! Anyway, I'll try to answer everyone's questions. Hi, ohnoyoudidnt :wave: The capsules I take can be bought on UK high streets from stores like Holland & Barrett and GNC. I... (429 replies)
... Anonym0us, I didn't follow any real guidlines, to be honest. I just read somewhere that you're supposed to take about four times as much Psyllium Husks as Activated Charcoal. I've stuck at the dosage outlined on Page 1 since February now. ... (429 replies)
... effects are horrible. I really do hope your skin improves. I have looked at the product you're taking and can see that "Detox Blend One" consists of Psyllium Husks and Bentonite, which is essentially what I am taking. ... (429 replies)
... Hi xismbaby :) I wouldn't describe it as an "initial" breakout, but I have experienced minor breakouts, one as recent as six weeks ago. But these were at the site of persistent whiteheads that used to remain under the surface and break out into a cyst periodically i.e. shortly after the cyst had gone down, the whitehead would appear again and I'd be waiting for the next round... (429 replies)
... I know about psyllium husks, but I haven't done any research on the other two ingredients in your regimen. Do you take them all in pill form? ... (429 replies)
... Pure Psyllium Husks would be a good idea or other fiber blends, just make sure there are no questionable additives. ... (10 replies)
... Hey all, Well I know that most of you think that those of us on an Anti-Inflammatory, Insulin Controlling, and/or Hormone Balancing Diets are severely deprived. LOL, well I am here to tell all of you that you could not be more wrong! =) I was absolutely clueless and naive about ALL the DIFFERENT possibilities among the foods we eat until I changed my diet. WOW, I... (11 replies)
... them up at the local GNC store, although i have a hard time taking them consistently i do believe they help, I also try to get enough fiber in my diet by taking psyllium husk powder. Ive also seen enzymes on an infocommercial for Dr. ... (25 replies)
It's Now or Never!
May 29, 2004
... mportant point. I understand you have tried changing your diet, Ratman. The thing is, you have to change your diet to do a cleanse. You can't just go out and buy psyllium husk and bentonite, take them, and cleanse anything without changing your diet. ... (342 replies)

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