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It's Now or Never!
Jun 11, 2004
... vis Bentonite clay and Psyllium husks. You will find all the info already posted. ... (342 replies)
... Indy, avocadoes are wonderful for you! I have never met an acne sufferer who had problems with avocadoes. A low in sugar fruit, with good fats, quite tasty and filling as well. ... (342 replies)
... I am mixing 1 tablespoon of liquid bentonite and 1 tablespoon of psyllium husks in a glass with warm water. ... (342 replies)

... Of course I am going to start the cleanses MsMeaganMay, after all this researching, posting and discussing I NEED to start them. I am just waiting for my bentonite clay/psyllium husks and parasite cleanse kit to arrive as international delivery takes some time. They should be here within the next few days fingers crossed. I will definitely let you know when they have arrived... (342 replies)
... bowel cleanse, parasite kill, kidney cleanse, liver cleanse. I outlined a simple diet to clean the liver in "heal your acne from this inside" which goes into detail about exactly what herbs to use and which ones might be better when dealing with hormonal imbalances. ... (27 replies)
... in less than a month. I still had small, occassional breakouts, and other problems, so I did a vegetable juice fast, and a bowel cleanse with psyllium and bentonite, and ever since then I've not had any acne, except when I accidently eat an offending substance for me, like dairy, which is very rare. ... (21 replies)
... fore or after meal and is it fine if i only fast for 24 hours i dont think i can fast for 36 hours. Does somebody know about Chris Gibson's book "How I Cured My Acne Condition in 3 days" is it really works? ... (16 replies)
... in fact, it does the opposite. Even if it doesn't help with your acne, it will help your digestive health. I have "better" or more frequent bowel movements. I have not experienced any cramping since i started two weeks ago. I drank milk thats 2 days past the expiration date, without any diarrhea or cramping for the first time since i can remember.I'm only seeing improvements... (16 replies)
... Beware of will most likely work, but it stained my teeth :( (131 replies)
... OH wow, I didn't realize you were on all these other meds ! Sorry that you won't be able to try Doxycyline. The only side effect I got was hives because I went into the sun while I was on it. That only lasted a day or 2 and other than that, it has worked fantastic for me. It was my saviour !! No headaches, no vision changes, never any vomitting or diarhea....good luck in... (131 replies)
... affect it. I am currently taking a lot of pills and vitamins. I've recently become freakish with that. I just started on the digestive system regime with the Psyllium Husks and Activated Charcoal. I also take Saw Palmetto, Coral Calcium, a Green Tea pill, A thru Zinc vitamin, and Apple Cidar Vinegar pill. ... (131 replies)
... Absolutely, this CAN happen and it just depends on how well your body is able to eliminate these toxins. What brand of colon cleanse and/or heavy metal detox are you using? Are you taking the right amount of fiber, psyllium, to help absorb AND flush toxins produced as a result of the cleanses. Are you taking Bentonite and/or Activated Charcoal to also help absorb... (6 replies)
Bentonite Clay
Nov 3, 2004
... Yes, sadman, I have heard about that. I read it on another website about acne. One of the posters there says she mixes the "edible" bentonite clay with psyllium and drinks it with water for internal cleansing I've never done it before myself. ... (9 replies)
... Why is it out of order? If you already realise you have toxins in your body then surely it would be a good idea to readdress what you are putting inside your body in the first place? Otherwise, there would be no point clearing out the toxins currently in your body if you are just going to replace them with new ones...acne sufferers unfortunately choose to ignore vicious... (4 replies)
... That's why alot of us are doing cleansing and parasite kills. If you want to do a parasite cleanse then look into the 'kit' provided by ParaGONE. It includes Black Walnuts along with several other great ingredients that will kill a high number of this damn parasites that can cause skin eruptions. While doing a Parasite cleanse, you should also consider doing a bowel cleanse... (1 replies)
... Hey there, what a great thing with your husband getting involved as well :) . Unfortunatly, my family members are not so eager to try any cleanses. As of right now I'm still bowel cleansing..and I'm on to the second half of my parasite kill. I'm a petite person as well so I've been doing half dose..which I'm glad I decided to do since I did experience some "side effects". ... (26 replies)
... I'm doing good! Suprisingly, my husband decided to do the intestinal cleanse as well (not for acne, but to clean out his system). After hearing me talk about all the wonderful properties of bentonite. :D Friday will be my last day doing the bentonite/psyllium cleanse. I will be out of town for Sat/Sun, and will start the Paragone either Sun PM or Monday. I haven't had... (26 replies)
... Guess what? I just got back from the Natural Food store with a bad full of goodies: 1. Psyllium husks 2. Bentonite clay (liquid) 3. ParaGone 4. Some liver cleansing herbs (pill form) The guy that works there talked my ear off explaining all the different cleansings there are out there and how good they are for you. He told me that if acne is my main concern, he... (342 replies)
... I want to try this, but am unsure of which system to purchase. A friend said to try Parastroy by Nature's Secret (a 2-step system of herbs and fiber) because it kills possible parasites that may be using up all my nutrients. Nature's Secret also has another cleansing system called Ultimate Cleanse, which includes many of the herbs recommended for acne, including... (21 replies)
Dec 6, 2002
... Juice fasts and eating lightly steamed or raw veggies only is wonderful. I've never done colonics but adding psyllium or some other good kind of fiber like flax fiber would be good. You might break out a little but after a couple of days you'll be totally clear. ... (9 replies)

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