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Sugar Sugar!
Nov 11, 2004
... cheap in this case, that doesn't make it right or healthy for us. ... (125 replies)
... I used to post on this board and view it fairly regularly the past year. My acne was largely correlated to my level of sexual activity. ... (5 replies)
Acne & Tanning
Aug 1, 2003
... y increase sun exposure, from 5 minutes per day, to 15, to 30, to 45, to 60, and so on, the sun can exercise great healing powers. The reason that the sun heals acne is, I believe, due to the vitamin D it provides, an essential vitamin that all acne patients, as well as numbers of North Americans, are deficient in. ... (8 replies)

It's Now or Never!
May 11, 2004
... You do know the diet I follow. I have outlined it so many times on these boards and have posted several suggestions to people of the diet acne sufferers should follow. ... (342 replies)
... the line of treatment the dermatologist is recommending. I know a lot of dermatologist that will prescribe Accutane because it is supposedly a "quick fix", even for people who don't have severe acne. Accutane is only for people with severe acne. ... (2 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 11, 2004
... had a significantly lower number of people with acne, i mean hardly anyone has acne there, especially people in african tribes and indian tribes... ... (125 replies)
... Hey Orlando, I feel your frustration I really do but I think acne can make you a strong minded person in the long run. Acne has opened my mind up to caring about myself as a whole. ... (4 replies)
It's Now or Never!
Mar 30, 2004
... I don't want to sound obtruse Gisburnuk but you obviously haven't had acne long enough if you consider antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide to be THE cure. ... (342 replies)
... witch did taper off to what some would say moderate acne when i was in my late tweenties. Ive tried everything under the sun from OTC to prescription. ... (6 replies)
... You've been around long enough to have possibly read a thread or two of mine. They all support Lone's and MANY other acne sufferers' testiomonies, only I do have the STUDIES that PROVE what we have been trying to tell everyone. ... (48 replies)
... healthy and it did nothing my acne got worse. ... (34 replies)
... What I can say is that antibiotics gave a quick short lasting fix. ... (4 replies)
... I used proactive for a couple of years in the late 90's. Did help a little but not much. I had moderate to severe acne at the time. I don't think you should waste your money. ... (11 replies)
... clear when i was on it. within a month after my first course, my acne came back very badly. ... (9 replies)
... thank you for wanting to help me. i KNOW that my acne is caused by a hormonal inbalance also, but my derm. has just never tested or told me that. ... (25 replies)
May 19, 2003
... I totally understand where your coming from. I find that we convince ourselves that if we pick it'll make our skin better and basically it's a quick fix. The more we pick the more we spread the infection. If I'm being honest to myself everytime I pick it's like a release. ... (3 replies)
Read me
Aug 28, 2003
... Hey girl, I understand what you're going through. I was at a really bad point with my acne a few months ago. I felt embarrassed everywhere even in front of my family too. ... (4 replies)
... oild reduction and acne clearing. ... (6 replies)
... OK I know alot of you have had bad experiences with the derm. and I agree alot of doctors in general are out for a quick fix...but, I really do believe that I have a derm that really cares...he is the best that we have in our area... ... (4 replies)
... i have had acne for the past six years and thankfully I am finally to the point now where I can reduce it enough to where it isn't a problem anymore. Thank God! ... (3 replies)

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