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... I have had extreme flaking of skin on the sides of the nose, on the cheeks just under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, in the eyelashes, lower forehead, temple area and in the ears. ... (9 replies)
... dealing with the dry, indoor heat, I break out in whiteheads. They start as big red, flat bumps under my nose and in my laugh lines. I moisturize daily and even use a moisture mask occassionally. ... (3 replies)
... water, splash on affected skin anywhere on the body at night and let air dry. ... (9 replies)

... not both. And I can remember reading that "sensitive skin is dry skin"... but I have SUCH oily skin!! ... (1 replies)
... A micro too. I started getting them under my nose, cheeks, nose bridge and along the hair line and cheeks. ... (4 replies)
... etting HUGE on cheeks which was what was really bothering me the most. After this whole process I can honestly say I'm glad I did this peel. The condition of my skin is terrible and I will probably need to do 2 more peels to get the kind of skin I can live with. ... (11 replies)
Good morning M
Jun 21, 2003
... That says it has Sodium Laureth sulfate. Personally, I wouldn't use it, but my skin is so messed up that I'm afraid to try anything else new. ... (10 replies)
... ever after about a year and a half of many different topicals and antibiotics, i went on accutane. it took about 5 months of torture from horrible breakouts and dry skin and then my skin was near perfect. then it started coming back a few months later on my cheeks and i went on it ASAP for 2 months and it again went away. ... (3 replies)
... I am on day 36 myself, so we pretty close on the treatment timeline! I too am amazed at how well it it is working, and how fast! My skin looks better now than it has in years! Yesterday, I saw a friend that I hadn't seen in about a month. As soon as she saw me she said "Wow!!! Your Face!!! ... (10 replies)
... They create an even and controlled shedding of several layers of skin cells. This allows new layers to be exposed and creates a fresh appearance to the skin surface. In addition, new cells and collagen are stimulated, creating a more even skin tone. ... (15 replies)
Accutane works
Nov 22, 2000
... I have experienced dry skin, dry eyes, dry lips, nose bleeds and VERY irritable skin. ... (0 replies)
... Hello all, I have been lurking around this board on and off for the past 4 years. I am now 22 and have suffered from moderate acne (sometimes cystic) since age 18 or so. In this time period, I have been on Differen (w/ Tetracycline), Retin-A (w/ Doxycycline), and Tazorac (w/ Minocycline), in that order. The medicine kept the acne at bay, but I've been off medication for the... (2 replies)
... Contacts get dry and itchy towards the afternoon. No big deal, I can handle it. ... (39 replies)
... No, you are definitely not the only one. Actually, my skin isn't so oily anymore now that I've started taking Yasmin, my forehead is somewhat oily when I wake up but that's about it. ... (1 replies)
... In July 2001 I was suffering from cystic like pimples under my nose which weren't responding to any treatment. ... (19 replies)
... i know exactly how you feel about going outside. my skin looks similar and has all these fine lines, i look older than my older sister! ... (35 replies)
... o say changed permanently is the texture of my hair. I used to have long, flowing hair. I had to cut it short, because the texture of my hair continued to remain dry and coarse well after taking the drug. In fact, it is that way to this day two years later. But you can't tell that unless you touch it. ... (15 replies)
Roaccutane time
Mar 2, 2006
... Not breaking out in any major way anymore, aside from one area at the edge of my jawline, under my ear. Still getting new spots frequently enough, but at what I guess was my normal rate. ... (11 replies)
... Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin disorder that can be easily treated. ... (0 replies)
... moderate acne as well. I would try all other options before using accutane. Accutane permanently changes your skin cells and the amount of oil they produce... for life. By "correcting" the oil now.. ... (6 replies)

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