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Apr 1, 2005
... if you make sure you really warm up your skin first so the pores are quite open, then gently press with a finger either side, make sure you remove the whole lot, then it shouldn't cause too many problems. ... (7 replies)
... For my entire life, I have squeezed my whiteheads until all pus has been removed and have no scars whatsoever. I think it is important to consider the way you go about extracting them though. ... (6 replies)
... Orlando, when you visit your derm to remove these whiteheads which type are we talking about? ... (6 replies)

... i've an oily skin due to which i've been suffering from a lot of whiteheads which look absolutely yuck!to get rid of dem i clean up my nose. ... (2 replies)
... Epidermx is a microdermabrasion cream. It's all natural so it won't irritate the skin. I suggest looking up Tea Tree cleansing bar made by Epiderm, along with the Epidermx. Together (from what I have experienced) they combat oil, acne (whiteheads, blackheads etc.) scars, redness, fine lines and so forthl; the tea tree bar mostly helps prevent more breakouts and the oilyness,... (5 replies)
... Should you remove them? ... (7 replies)
... wer area of your pores. Bacteria are in your pores. Once the pores are clogged, the oil and bacteria continue to bulid up and the pore swells to form blackheads, whiteheads and red bumps. ... (0 replies)
... I need to know how to remove a whitehead on my forehead (0 replies)
... topical medications, changing every product I use on and around my face, changing my detergent, birth control, etc. The problem I have is that everything made to remove whiteheads is too overpowering for the dry skin. ... (3 replies)
... ya blackheads need to be scrubbing it..or using those peels....whitehead...if u pick it..u get i just suggest leave it alone..they will go .... (7 replies)
... How do you remove them Timber? ... (7 replies)
... My blackheads don't seem to go away unless I remove them. ... (7 replies)
... slowly they're getting smaller. And I'm also using a Glycolic Acid regimen. You may want to try out the Aspirin Mask Remedy too, that has helped open some of my whiteheads up. ... (1 replies)
... weeks after I'd get the whiteheads removed, they'd come right back, so it was just a big waste of money. I also suffer from Milia which are the hard, small but very white bumps around my eyes. ... (7 replies)
Sep 7, 2003
... whiteheads that are so hard to remove. If I try to use an extracter then it gets inflamed. The whiteheads and blackheads are deep under the skin, I also have them around my lower eyelids. Dose anyone know what they would use to remove these? ... (0 replies)
... to face the red marks and to stop using bp unless a pimple appears.After 5 days stopped using bp whiteheads appeared on my forehead and around the nose so i started using bp in whiteheads and the cream for marks that i ve found that has glycolic acid. ... (3 replies)
... Ive had one, i didn't notice anything. Microderm doesn't get rid of acne, it helps shed skin to clear pores. It will remove layers, and may bring out stuff that it below your skin. ... (5 replies)
... Stopping the squeezing helped a lot, it took a while for my face to remove the damage i had already done, so i was still getting a cyst everyonce and a while along with inflamed pimples. ... (45 replies)
... ol. Acne placed me as an observer in life, now i see and understand things more than i ever could or would have without acne. Take the positive were you can, and remove as much negative as possible. ... (45 replies)
... and Bentonite Clay mixture as a face mask and can honestly say this is the only thing I have found to SUCCESSFULLY and TOTALLY remove all blackheads from my nose and it doesn't involve squeezing thank God. ... (14 replies)

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