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My life and acne.
Jun 28, 2002
... has controlled my life. Shaving was borderline insanity and completely out of the question, I felt like I had no face. ... (10 replies)
... ve observed in myself and discovered elsewhere in a single post for general convenience. Let me begin by saying that, for the first time since I was on the dread Accutane a few years ago, my skin is entirely clear and my complexion as healthy as it has ever been, something I attribute entirely to shaving technique. ... (9 replies)
... one it in a while that Ill breakout worse.. And I have school everyday and i dont want to break out.. Actually I dont really breakout . i always have alot on my shaving areas.. Maybe 1 day out of the month Ill have clear spots and a total of like 5 pimples.. ... (2 replies)

... ystems out there, and they're far more gentler on the skin. Not to mention, they shave just as well. Also, the blades don't get clogged up with the gunk from the shaving gel and your own facial hair. ... (0 replies)
... And if you are a guy...shaving...use a hand razor with with the Aveeno shaving cream. the Aveeno cream is great because it has extra protection for acne , irratation, and razor bumps. ... (8 replies)
... or shaving legs? ... (177 replies)
... a and tazorac topical meds are too harsh for my sensitive skin and the minocylcline didnt really help. SO......i went on accutane at the beginning of last SPring. I was like was amazing how much it helped clear up my skin. All i would ever do is shave at night..... ... (0 replies)
... ur a teacher search for accutane on the internet read everything u can about it.dont rely on what a derm says all the time cause some r bs u.most r pretty good though. ... (5 replies)
What causes it?
Dec 14, 2005
... Heres my opinion and advice. I think shaving with a razor could cause it because i remember it did for a while with me. ... (2 replies)
... Absolutely! PURE aloe vera is simply the best for this. I have never gotten any razor burn on my face when using it aftewards or pimples caused from shaving. I must mention I also shave my pubic region and applied aloe to that with success, but I found for this specific area witch hazel, although it burned, was much more effective. Buddy of mine let me in on that secret... (177 replies)
... My story is much like yours. I'm 22 and have had acne since 15. Very bad a times. I have been on accutane 3 times and just about every other antibiotic you can think of. Try this skin care regime. My face is finally clear. ... (30 replies)
Help plz!
Sep 6, 2003
... im on accutane now at 60mg. ive been on it for almost 4 months and im clear except for red marks, but i have a big patch of redness above my mouth, in the mustache area. ... (2 replies)
... Sounds like things are getting better for you. No more shaving without water!! ... (55 replies)
Just Kill Me
Oct 12, 2005
... Care to list what you eat and your daily face regimen? Maybe that would give us a little insight on it. It could be shaving, too. If one dermatologist won't perscribe you Accutane, the other may do so. Many people here visited many doctors before getting their cure perscribed to them. (15 replies)
... I was gonna ask exactly the same question Mike, i'm on day 7 now and i could really do with a shave but i started a big break out yesterday and dont really wanna agrivate it, like u sed i might keep the scruffy beard for now as it kinda hides the acne a lil bit!!!!! Any help wud b much appreciated tho from any guys that experienced this problem?? Cheers! (2 replies)
... Hey guys, just before I started on my Accutane treatment I developed an in-grown hair on my chin after shaving. It's been over 4 months and it is DRIVING ME INSANE!!!! It's like a hard little lump, soo annoying. I was analyzing it up close the other day and I ended up pulling out a hair at least 4x as long as all the other hairs on my face. I went to get some scissors to... (2 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 13, 2004
... Well thank you for answering a few things, but that doesn't give any of us a clue as to what you have been going through. Again how many years have you suffered with acne? Where is your acne located (facial, body, scalp,etc)? Of course, what were your results from the following? RetinA Accutane Spironolactone Dexamethasone (125 replies)
... In regards to Cetaphil, I personally believe that it is an excellent cleanser for individuals with acne who are on Accutane or using other harsh topicals. It will gently cleanse your skin without causing irritation. ... (26 replies)
... I have another laser appointment on july 27th..its a far way off though. I really want to try accutane now...i want to see if it'll work for me...but the side affects just scare me. ... (9 replies)
May 2, 2004
... i agree it decreases body hair only if you keep shaving it.the hair on your head gets real nice!you do get thirsty a lot but it no big deal and you tend to go pee a lot. ... (5 replies)

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