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Aug 28, 2002
... and I both made an appt. with a very good dermatologist in our area. This guy is a miracle worker! His treatment depends on the severity of your acne. But the difference is this doc talks to you about what acne is, the myths, what to do and not. ... (13 replies)
... thing similar to what you guys have, but I get lost in all of those big words, so I thought I would just tell you what I have and maybe you can tell me if we are on the same line or not. Anyway, I have huge pores. On top of this my skin is so oily, I have tried to find someone with oilier skin and I have had no luck. ... (18 replies)
Big pores
Dec 25, 2002
... You can't shrink pores, you can only use products which will temporarily make them LOOK smaller. ... (7 replies)

... This is insane. My face looks like an orange peel for crying out loud. I'm using Tazorac to control my breakouts and it makes my pores huge. I know it has to be the Tazorac because I've been using it for almost a year and I took a break from it for a couple months. ... (0 replies)
Huge Massive Pores
Apr 15, 2005
... but they are large...I've never seen anything like this on anyone elses face! Is there anything that can be done to shrink pores? ... (7 replies)
Red bumps on face
Sep 30, 2015
... Eventually, I went to a medical spa, where they did a laser treatment. It actually helped to shrink the pores and kill the bacteria. Its not cheap and it is painful for a day... ... (1 replies)
... you could try icing your face before you go to sleep...maybe that will shrink em? ... (10 replies)
... I've found more home remedies if you guys want to check it out:*********.php?t=320 "Ingredients: Aspirin (uncoated) Aspirin contains salicylic acid, used in many d prescription acne treatments Apple Cider Vinegar (10 replies)
Sep 15, 2004
... I have your exact problem! I've been on Accutane for 3 months and everywhere there was a blackhead or clogged pore, there is now a hole! It's really gross. ... (4 replies)
... since the end of Jan. and my pores have NOT reduced in size one bit. It's decreased the oilness and reduced the cysts... but smaller pores? ... (11 replies)
Aug 7, 2005
... First I'd like to start this post off about my current situation. I've been using Epidermx for a little over a month now. All of my pores on my face looked like a million holes....after using this product, it's a complete turn around. ... (2 replies)
... Well I have been well behaved for months and more pores were showing it so I decide to misbehave twice in the past month, and sure enough my pores are starting to show it. Now Fried foods may also do this to me as they don't look quite the way that they do upon ingesting trans fats. ... (38 replies)
... effectively flawless skin, in that pores are tiny? ... (10 replies)
... i usually use a soaked cotton ball and rub it all over my face right before i go to sleep. not sure if this is the optimal way though. ... (10 replies)
... To get rid of a pimple, dab a cotton ball in warm salt water and press on the zit for a couple of minutes. ... (1 replies)
... A. I used to be on differin and a variety of other topicals and oral antibiotics and nothing seemed to work real well. ... (10 replies)
Aug 27, 2009
... with warm water, pat it dry, then apply the Germolene. As it says on the tube, just rub it in gently. ... (1 replies)
... slightly raised. They were not a typical pimple. I had a VISIA skin analysis at a medical spa and also found at I had UV damage to my skin. I had 170 UV spots on one side of my face that included the cheek and part of the nose. ... (16 replies)
... w why I'm getting them all of a sudden. A new thing I added to my regime was the L'oreal Acne Response Peel that has SA in it, I would thinkn that would HELP my pores not worsen them. ... (0 replies)
... bactrim. However, I still have so much oil that it literally sort of stays in my skin, just doesnt form a pimple. I am currently on accutane, just completing my first month. My hope is that it will get rid of the oil and shrink the pores. Secretly I hope that it will improve these bumps! ... (3 replies)

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