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... What is the concensus on the correlation between eating spicy foods and acne? ... (4 replies)
Spicy Foods
Mar 19, 2003
... One of my friends said eating spicy foods help acne... Has anyone heard about this? ... (5 replies)
... my body cannot tolerate spicy foods or citrus fruits. If I eat these two "food groups" I will break out and my face will be really red. ... (4 replies)

Diet and acne
Apr 27, 2005
... The big painfull ones are postules or papules, you get that with acne grade III or Iv, you should see a doctor. ... (10 replies)
... I used to have such bad acne after I graduated High school it was ridiculous, and the fact that my first Dermotologist was an idiot didn't help. ... (0 replies)
... Well there is alot of research that suggests hot foods have several health benefits and have been treated in circulatory problems. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks Neca, I notice that my body feels better overall after I eat something spicy. My sinuses clear out, and I feel more alert. Good to know that there are lots of health bennefits to eating hot foods! (4 replies)
... Hi everyone, I'm looking to start low dose accutane for mild/moderate acne, with scarring and what I have self-diagnosed as rosacea (frequent flushing of cheeks exacerbated by all the triggers, hot drinks including coffee, alcohol, hot foods, spicy foods, etc etc). Have some mild permanent pinkness to my cheeks, but not really any broken blood vessels as of yet. Quick... (4 replies)
... my acne was at its WORST in those days. ... (13 replies)
... Second question is I do beleive that I have too much "yang" or heat in my body as I am red on my cheeks and particularly more so having eaten yang foods such as spicy foods, citrus fruits or alcohol. Do you know of any "ying" foods and do you know of any herbs that I could take which would cool my body down. ... (69 replies)
... I don't think a lot of foods cause acne, but I believe that caffeine and spicy foods in excess can aggrevate it in some people. Maybe every once in a while would be o.k. though. ... (8 replies)
... annot believe how It did not occur to me sooner that what I was putting into my body was probably the main culprit to my acne. I have tried almost every external acne product, birth control pills and numerous antibiotics, with no luck. If you have toxins and bad bacteria in your body they may show up on your skin. ... (2 replies)
Adult Acne
Jan 3, 2005
... Baby-G, chocolate? Chocolate?? Chocolate!! Oh gosh, nooooooooo! There has to be an easier way! lolol! If Ben and Jerry's icecream is also on your list please don't tell me! Icecream is more of a treat than a dessert right? You can't call icecream a real dessert can you - unless it's got some sort of fruity sauce on it with cherries on top? Please say icecream isn't a dessert?... (73 replies)
Adult Acne
Jan 2, 2005
... This is to anyone who is interested in Traditional Eastern/Chinese medicine.. Foods To Avoid: All fried or deep-fried and fatty foods Spicy foods Shellfish Peanuts Chocolate Cookies Chicken skin (73 replies)
Adult acne
Jun 16, 2004
... indeed I got it as an adult at age 18! Once past your teenage years, I strongly recommend looking into dietary changes to help solve your acne problems. ... (6 replies)
... BIG TIME. I am only eating things which are easy to digest like soups etc. When I used to eat big sandwiches and spicy foods, my acne was at its worst. Maybe you should take a mild laxative for your bowel movements and do an internal cleanse once in a while. ... (7 replies)
Acne scars
Jul 8, 2006
... its the staying away from alcohol and spicy foods thats my downfall! ... (20 replies)
... But the cure still has not been found. Your right there's differnt kinds of acne. Sometimes inthe same face! I get different kinds of zits with spicy foods, hot and sweaty days, hormonal days... ... (11 replies)
... Often sunlight, spicy foods and alcohol aggravate rosacea and cause a person to "flare. ... (4 replies)
... Caffeine could be the cause of your recent breakout. My derm says that no food has anything to do with acne but caffeine and spicy foods could play a role. He said to stay away from caffeine. Everyone is different and it could effect some people and not others. Well I hope I am to some help. ... (8 replies)

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