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... Hi there, there is a lot on this board about hormones, bc pills, Yasmin. Click on the search button and type in your search word. I am always on here blathering on bc pills and hormone therapy so here I go again and will probably continue till somebody tells me to shut up. :mad: Years ago my acne went away with homone therapy and now my child is having the same issues and... (9 replies)
... I've been on spiro for nearly 4 weeks now.I'm breaking out bad again! :confused: That breakout i had at the start went away quickly and then my skin has been doing good for a couple of weeks.Then i woke up this morning with loads of new spots.I feel crap :confused: I even have a couple of big ones on my forehead and i hardly ever get spots on my forehead!!!!!!!! :confused: ... (34 replies)
... I finally went to my doc today. He said that he has never heard of giving spironolactone for acne before. So he put me on Diane 35 and I have an app. with a derm early feb. He said that doc would prob put me on accutane. And that it will almost garanteed work for MY acne. Keeping my fingers crossed....... (34 replies)

... Everyone reacts differently to different medications so it is hard to say how you would react to each of those meds. As for being shy about talking to the doc...............write your questions down and then ask or hand the doc the paper with your questions and concerns on it. Remember the doc CANNOT begin to help you if you don't speak up and tell him what is on your mind... (34 replies)
... I wonder, if you take the spiro to get rid of the existing acne and get everything under control. You could then take the accutane after you have clear skin.Would it get rid of the problem without the initial break out that everyone talks about. Would clearing your skin with spiro b4 taking accutane relieve some of the effects of accutane? Maybe I will ask my doc toady if... (34 replies)
... I looked at both spiro and accutane to treat my acne, which was described as "hormonal" by last der. However, my new derm pointed out, that spiro (like the antibiotics I had been on and off of for years) would only work while I was on it. Once I stopped the spiro, my acne would most likely return. I was looking for longer lasting results. I am on my second month of Accutane... (34 replies)
... you can take accutane and spiro together! My derm told me to do it, because i'm already taking spiro, which helped SO MUCH with oil, to give me normal skin and any little bumps and such dissappeared, but i can been on something that screwed up my chin area and caused it to break out in zits that i had never had before.. which is why i am now on accutane to get rid of that.. :|... (34 replies)
... I've bought my spiro online.When i go to see the new derm i will tell him though and hopefully he'll perscribe it for me then. (34 replies)
... Look up acne rosacea online to see if this fits. Normally the first step in controlling acne these days is a cream to use along with antibiotics to clear up the infection. Remember acne is caused by the staph bacteria it often takes a course of antibiotics to help clear this up. Also since this is caused by staph you need to be sure that others don't use the same washcloth... (34 replies)
... No, I don't think I will buy it online. I finally made an app. with doc tomorrow so I guess I could wait. I'm not sure what rosecia is, but I don't think I have that. I think I have hormonal acne. Cause it's only been since I had my kids............. That it's gotten worse anyway. (34 replies)
... You should never buy a prescription drug without your docs ok. What happens if you have a severe reaction to the medication and your doc doesn't even know you are taking it. Also many drugs should not be taken together and only your doctor or pharmacist may be aware that spironalactone should not be taken with something you are aready taking. If you are having major... (34 replies)
... Has anybody bought spiro online without a prescription? What do you think about this? Is it better to get it through a Doc? (34 replies)
... I didn't take spiro and accutane at the same time. I don't think that's "allowed." Spiro was my last option before accutane. I'd tried everything else. Spiro is a high blood pressure drug that decreases testosterone, which helps women with the amount of oil their body produces. It also helps regulate the hormones in your body better; testosterone is the hormone that makes... (34 replies)
... Spiro is a drug used to treat high blood pressure that they soon found helps with hormone related problems in women such as acne, facial hair, oily skin and scalp, and thinning hair. It's an androgen blocker- androgens are male horomones so it's really a treatment for females. Go to Google and type in Spironolactone and you'll get much better details than I can give. So-... (34 replies)
... Does anyone know if Spiro works as well on body acne as it does for the face? Thanks! (34 replies)
... desertgirl, did you take the spiro and accutane at the same time? is it possible to take both? what is spiro anyway? is it an antibiotic? (34 replies)
... I have decided to try spiro first. Accutane will be a last resort for me. I already have a problem with really dry skin in some spots and sore joints from time to time. So I feel better with the spiro right now. But if i have to, I will go on accutane eventually. (34 replies)
... I took both spiro and accutane. The spiro helped me out quite a bit, but I still got ugly cysts around that time of the month (hormones suck!) and I still had some flesh colored bumps on my face. Still, it was quite an improvement for me. I took spiro for about eight months. Accutane was a miracle for me. I took it for five months and just got off it three weeks ago. ... (34 replies)
... Kelly1212 In response to your question about a intial breakout with spiro...I am on spiro for something unrelated, but it was prescribed hoping it would help my acne as well..I have been on 25mg a day, but since reading that most everyone getting very good results with 100mg a day I have uped my dosage, and I believe mine was intially worse. So hang in there it does get... (34 replies)
... I hope things start to look up for you soon kelly. I know how disappointing it can be. But hang in there. I am going to make an app. with my doc as soon as I can and try to get a prescription for spiro. I really hope it works. I have recently,(last 2 days) broken out worse than usual. I think it is stress related because my grandmother is very sick. Just to add insult to... (34 replies)

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